Timmiegate controversy puzzles big city expat

Franchise tsunami fears unwarranted

To the Expositor:

My spouse and I moved to the Island about two years ago in pursuit of the careers we love. Like many others, we were enchanted by the natural beauty and friendly people of the Island. Since both of us used to live in bigger city centers, we were delighted to hear the possibility of a famous “coffee and pastry” shop setting up shop at the Island. It is nice to know that it might be possible to have a new option for an evening snack or to dine out even on a cold winter weekend (i.e. off tourist season) without having to leave the Island. 

Therefore I was surprised to hear the opposing voices from some of the long-time visitors to the Island. I felt the fear of franchise entering the Island might be unwarranted. As a resident of the Island my favourite grocery store here is from a franchise, so is the hardware store, the pharmacies, the banks and some of gas stations as well. I also see any new business on the Island as good opportunities for Islanders to seek employments without having leaving the Island. 

Karl Cheung

Little Current