Sixth Annual x-country ‘Run with the Bobcats’ held October 4

All of the cross country runners pose for a group photo during the Bobcat Run. photos by Tammy Nahwegahbow

BIRCH ISLAND—This year’s Bobcat cross country meet was a great event that involved a total of nine schools from the Manitoulin Island, Espanola and Massey areas.

The first run of the day saw the Shawanosowe Kindergarten students (Bobkittens) running around the track to the cheers of all of the assembled athletes. The Shawanosowe event had almost 300 runners from the age of 6 to 13 and up running. This was a great opportunity for students to come together and represent their school and community values as well as their commitment to physical fitness and fun.

Students raced for individual medals for first, second and third place with all of the runners receiving Bobcat participation wristbands. They also raced for one of two team awards. This year, Central Manitoulin Public School won the overall team trophy for their outstanding racers, many of whom finished on the podium or in the top 10.

A.B. Ellis was given the
Outstanding Team Spirit Award.

The second team award is the Team Spirit Award, which is awarded to the school that demonstrates the most positive spirit, teamwork and sportsmanship. This year, A.B. Ellis won this award for its incredible support for all of their runners and their loud cheering throughout the competition. Not only did they cheer loudly for their strong runners, they supported all their runners right until the finish line in every age division. 

Overall, a great time was had by all. Students enjoyed the various sport activities that were provided by the Birch Island youth coordinators. It was great to see runners participating in the Zumba workout! Students and coaches alike both loved the music which was provided Blake Debassige.

WRFN Community member Greg Sutherland, Grade 3 and 4 Shawanosowe teacher Rick Legrow, Chief Shining Turtle and
Central Manitoulin Public School team representatives accept the Overall Team Score banner.

It took a small army to host the event with special praises going out the volunteers from the community who helped make this event possible, public works (for their amazing job setting up the site), and the staff at the band office (for helping to organize and set up the event), the health department (for setting up a first aid tent and helping take care of our young people), UCCM Police (for controlling traffic, leading our runners, and keeping them safe), the youth coordinator (for providing fun games and activities for our runners) and all the staff at Shawanosowe School for contributing their part (making signs, helping run the event and the canteen), and community volunteers and parents who helped out with the bake sale and canteen.