Split Rail Brewery, New Grain Kitchen launch ‘meeting your makers’ event

Split Rail Brewery and New Grain Kitchen launched a meet your makers event this past Saturday, allowing farmers, producers and makers of the food and beer and customers to meet and talk about their initiatives. From left, middle row, Jordan Miller of Grandview Farm, Eric Blondin and Peggy Baillie of Three Forks Farm, Chanelle Haas and Kyle Bond of Quail Headquarters, back row, Shane O’Donnell of Heartwood Mushrooms, Ted Smith of Farmer Ted, Lisa Laprairie of Finnia Chocolate and Cacao, and front row, Genevieve Sartor of New Grain Bread and Barbara Erskine of Split Rail Brewing.

GORE BAY—It truly is a case of great beer meeting great food, and it is all produced on Manitoulin Island.

Split Rail Brewery and New Grain Kitchen launched a ‘meeting your makers’ event this past Saturday, allowing farmers, producers and makers of the food and beer and customers to talk about the foods that are provided by New Grain, and which will now be available on a more permanent basis at Split Rail.

“I love it, and we are so grateful to Genevieve (Sartor) and New Grain Kitchen. They are very committed to using local produce in their foods,” stated Peggy Baillie of Three Fork Farms. “And I’m really excited to see how things evolved.”

“I thought it would be a good idea for everyone else who produces and provides the foods that are going to be sold at Split Rail,” said Ms. Sartor. She explained, for example, in one of the menu items unveiled at the event on Saturday, blueberry brisket, which takes Grandview Farms brisket and slow braises it with wild blueberries, Ted Smith’s maple syrup and Split Rail stout, all served with Matthew’s freshly baked cornbread.

“This is certainly a good idea,” stated Jordan Miller of Grandview Farms. “Best idea in a long time. Manitoulin Island has a lot of fantastic food sources, and it’s about connecting people to all of these food sources and allowing everyone, including customers, to know what is available on the Island.”

Barb Erskine, manager of Split Rail said, “this is a collaboration of the food producers with New Grain Kitchen and with Split Rail. Genevieve had the original idea for this. We (Split Rail) provided some of the New Grain food products, freshly made products on weekends at Split Rail. We’ve been working together on some level since last summer on special events.”

“This year, we put our heads together. We knew we needed to find a source of to be available at the brewery. This is what the people, customers, are looking for,” said Ms. Erskine. “And, with the support of Manitoulin Transport we have a kitchen prep area (at Split Rail).”

“Genevieve is a genius and deserves all the credit for this,” stated Ms. Erskine. The New Grain Kitchen menu at Split Rail includes a ‘We the North Sharing plate,’ a ‘Sweet and salty sharing plate’ of blueberry brisket, Hawberry pulled pork sliders, macaroni pie, and soft pretzels.”

 “Right now, all these items on the menu will be available from Wednesday to Sunday here (Split Rail),” said Ms. Erskine. However, the menu will change depending on the foods that are available, she said. “This is really about promoting local producers and local producers, like beef, pork, veggies, eggs. The menu will change according to the food available.”

The food menu will be available from 7pm to 12 pm Wednesday to Sundays for the summer and it is hoped that this will be extended into the fall.

“I think all of this is a great idea, producers meeting producers,” said Ted Smith. “Genevieve put all of this together. It is great. We need more connection between producers and consumers. That’s what it is all about.”

Kyle Bond and Chanelle Hass of Quail Headquarters, were on hand. “We raise about 60 quails, in Spring Bay for eggs and meat.”

“We have been in business for about two years and it has been good,” said Mr. Bond.

Talented guitarist Matt Maranger provided music on the patio during the event which took place from 3-7 pm this past Saturday.