There was a strong police presence at Manitoulin Secondary School this afternoon. Police were responding to a complaint which was apparently a large fight that had broken out in the school between two groups of people.

The situation is currently calm; there is no lockdown in effect at the moment. Police will be remaining on site until after school has been dismissed for the day.

There were some reports of shots being fired-those were later traced to two firecrackers having been let off in the hallway after the fight had been ended, according to a student.

A letter to parents states there were a “series of altercations on school property” at lunch today, which resulted in a call to the police. Those incidents were brought under control by 12:20 pm.

Then, at 1:15 pm, the school commenced hold and secure procedures when it became aware of a threat against the school that was posted to Snapchat. However, that threat was a result of the previous situation. The hold and secure was lifted at 2 pm.

Both OPP and UCCM police forces were on site over the course of the afternoon. The school doors remained locked until dismissal.

Manitoulin Secondary School says it thanks both police forces for their prompt response, adding “the safety of our students and staff is our first and foremost priority.”

Anyone with further questions is asked to call the school at 705-368-7000.