Sudbury District health board passes an increased budget

SUDBURY DISTRICT—The Sudbury and District Board of Health (SDBH) has approved its 2014 operating budget that will see a slight increase to participating municipalities.

Ken Noland, a member of the board, confirmed, “we passed the 2014 budget, which includes a 1.5 percent increase to municipalities’ (compared with the 2013 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) approved budget.”

The board of health passed the Sudbury and District Health Unit (SDHU) budget at its regular monthly meeting on Thursday of last week. The motion reads in part, “that the Sudbury and District Board of Health approve the 2014 operating budget for cost-shared programs and services in the amount of $23,040,979. The total includes the vector borne disease control contingency budget of $500,000, the municipal portion of which will be levied only if the Medical Officer of Health requires such control measures in 2014.”

The SDHU budget shows the total municipal levy is $6,590,280 compared to $6,493,345 in 2013. Broken down by municipality in the SDHU area: Assiginack will be paying $511 more, with a levy of $30,315 in 2014; Baldwin, $20,693, an increase of $175; Billings, $19,969, an increase of $618; Burpee and Mills, $10,808, a decrease of $101; Central Manitoulin, $69,791, an increase of $2,650; St. Charles, $46,461, an increase of $683; Chapleau, $80,863, an increase of $1,060; French River, $91,407, an increase of $1,280; Espanola, $178,003, an increase of $1,514; Gordon/Barrie Island, $17,991, an increase of $914.00; Gore Bay, $32,490, an increase of $1,777; Markstay-Warren, $92,396, an increase of $775; Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, $86,464, an increase of $1,791; Nairn and Hyman, $15,685, a decrease of $224; Killarney, $13,971, a decrease of $184; Sables-Spanish River, $109,794, an increase of $2,719; City of Greater Sudbury, $5,659,139, an increase of $80,512; and Tehkummah, $14,037, with an increase of $466.

Tom Sasvari