Technology today is nothing but a money-making scam

Election promises are nothing but another trick for citizens to fall for

To the Expositor:

This technology we have today is nothing but a money-making scam. I believe that governments are always meeting big corporations and are planning out their strategies against the citizens and how to make more money off them. This technology the government was saying would improve the government services, but the services are still pretty lousy. The government will just lie when they are promoting. Something I watch like a hawk is the government. It can never be trusted. As for the employees, these people could be just goofing off or even sleeping when they are supposed to be working, maybe that is why our services are getting lousy? But what concerns me about somebody monitoring, it’s your privacy issues. I will clear that up though…every employer has the right to monitor their employee if they are working from home. It does not matter if they like it or not.

We have provincial elections coming up, citizens will be hearing lots of promises again. Doug Ford did remove the licence plate sticker fees, but it’s just another trick for citizens to fall for. Watch those politicians and their tricks. For me, I never fall for them because I know better and am probably smarter than they are too. So, citizens have to watch if it sounds too good. It probably is not going to happen; in fact, just expect it to cost you more to live.

Ronald Osawabine