Tehkummah council meets with contractors in bridge dispute

This Expositor file photo shows the Government Road Bridge under construction in 2014.

TEHKUMMAH—Members of the Tehkummah municipal council met behind closed doors with representatives of Belanger Construction on Thursday, September 21 in an effort to come to a resolution in the dispute over a bill for bridgework that the town alleged was unsatisfactory and had not met their expectations.

The meeting was held in the hopes of finding a resolution to the matter and council members travelled to the bridge site to inspect and go over the issues that were cause for their concerns.

While the meeting did not immediately resolve the issues and concerns, progress is reported to have been made, but coming out of closed session council indicated that more investigation of the matter would be required.

Council passed a motion to appoint deputy mayor Councillor Paul Bowerman as the council’s representative in any examination of discovery to take place in the matter, with Councillor Ron Hierons to act as alternate.