Tehkummah Talk and Times

April 13—Poor little Robin’s Walkin’ Walkin’ to Missouri!, and so they should. I hear them objecting to the frozen ground again this morning. Chris Bell was bird checking down our way this past week. Lots of birds.

And the skunks are out and about. Two of them at Mum’s yesterday. Yes, I won again! Of course, I talk about my wins more than hers. Why wouldn’t I? But she always welcomes me back (probably with a different strategy). Every time I sit down I pick up the pen. Not really a good idea as the time goes by and it goes by, etc.

Today is Skylar’s ninth birthday party next door. The official date is tomorrow (April 8th).

I didn’t mention last time the pair of white/cream coloured sandhill cranes at Hilly Grove. Watch for them. Very pretty.

Chilled to the bone, but I woke up warm. Thank goodness. I’ve tried to watch The Voice the last three weeks (after bingo) and fell asleep every time!

This morning I got a phone call from Nellie Thomas. She will be celebrating her 96th birthday on Monday. She called to say I had no news in and I sure had lots to tell last week too. So happy birthday all you April gals! Mamie Ann too!

The first cribbage game of the season was on April 8. Delicious lunch provided by players (hot cross buns, fruit, coloured eggs). Lori and Rick, 957; Bill and Betty Jean, 933; Gib and Florence, 927; low, Bert and Joy, 862 (I thought we’d win); three 20 hands, Lori, Dorothy, Laura; door prize, wooden heart.

I brought the chicken, Cal provided spuds and tea. A few cribbage games and home again.

Earlier in the day I had taken Mum to Manitowaning town to shop, etc. She treated me to lunch at Queen Street General.

Mollie and John came on Friday bearing gifts and then took Mum and I to Carol’s and Earl’s for lunch. Earl was celebrating his birthday. Cal had been in, in the morning.

I had visitors to my yard, Margaret and Barb, Cancer Canvas.

Saturday Jeanette and Stan Allen celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary with their daughter at Carol’s and Earl’s.

Cal and I arrived there just as Kathleen and Rick, so we shared a table and visiting time. So nice.

I had done some soaking up the sun while cleaning up the yard “a bit” and trying to help snow go.

After ten years together, I feel like I’m being unfaithful. How reliable, how constant, how travel friendly, how comfortable. Why do I feel like I’m letting her down, but I do like my new”er” van.

Today after church, Justin and Quillan, Susan, Simon, Martin, Mary, Mum and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s.

Happy birthday to Quillan this week. Seems to be a lot of April birthdays.

The flickers were thicker at South Baymouth Sunday. They must have just arrived.

Much sympathy this week to Tammie, Ron, and their family. Pearl was one of the first people we met when we moved to the farm next door in 1948 (Hwy 69 then). The best of neighbours.

It was a few years back, 1969, when my dad passed away on April 15.

April 2—The water in South Baymouth was so very quiet today compared to the wild rolling water and highflying spray on Sunday.

I had a nice visit with Jeanette Garniss, and a tour of that beautiful house, what a creative lady. She has crafts everywhere, beautiful knitted throws and quilts, and she loves butterflies and has a quilt frame for sale!

Today too I saw a partridge waiting at the gate of J. D.’s Garden Centre, or waiting for the Garden Shed Restaurant to open? Sharon said there are four green houses up and going, spring, yes, when we talked on the phone.

I had to stop on Prov Road for an unbelievably small partridge to cross the road, and almost to the Prov Road coming from Mindemoya for two small deer that weren’t in any hurry to cross.

The geese at the McGillis farm are still anxiously awaiting more water, more bare ground. There are more deer in the fields too. I saw a partridge in Barb and Judy Blue’s apple tree at their gate on Friday evening. I had one in my lilac checking out my feeder last week, so there are a few around.

Today I had lunch at the Simply Soup and Sandwich, and had a little visit with Susan and Jim Dunn there. Her sister Carolyn is doing well on her now healing ankle/leg. She has been laid up most of the winter pinned and splinted.

I hate to advertise, but roller coaster rides have nothing on the little stretch of road from the Lentir’s to the Mindemoya corner! (Caution.) And then today didn’t someone help themselves to someone else’s shopping cart at Foodland before the checkout, of course, so all was not lost!

I saw a beautiful hawk (broad winged) at Blue Jay Creek, and ducks making Vs on the water.

Mom skunked me one game and narrowly beat me two; anyway I left her smiling. Susan is better but Simon sounded terrible. All of the Williamson family and their neighbour Laurence have the “bad bug,” get well soon.

You only live once, be fearless! A timely message for me today, I have been looking for signs and answers all week!

Happy birthday to my great-grand daughter Skylar! (April 8) Marble and Ginger’s too, same age, born about the same time of night! “The kitten Kid Ko-Incidence.”

I have been meaning to mention Bob Watson. I hadn’t seen him in quite some time and was unaware that he had heart surgery. He’s lookin’ good!

A long phone conversation with Sherry this morning, unusual but so nice, and I see the sun. The cat Ginger is snoring loudly.

Congratulations, Merdick!!

I hope your Easter brought hope and renewal, as with the spring. Actually heard the first robin singing in the yard Wednesday evening. Mom fed me, and then proceeded to win at cards.

I had just come from Cal’s where I’d had a cup of tea and won two games out of three. He did offer me a bowl of soup, but I had just had a snack at Madeline Coupal’s where she hosted the day’s Bible study, a nice few out. She was to have it last week, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I found her place by taking one wrong right turn and three turn arounds, and the help of a gentleman who was standing on the side of the road, or I may have still been looking?

Susan said she was talking to Dodds this week; they’re heading Florida way.

Sun, sun, lovely sun, doing its job nicely, while I was chipping ice “ly”. I sat on my outside (really) bench, had a coffee and three cats also enjoying the day. Making water run and stomping snow edges, and the first snowdrop came through as I watched.

Al Ryan stopped his gas pumping to talk, tells me I have to be up at five in the morning to see the Northern Lights!! He saw the first sandhill crane and his bush had an echo? (I asked where the echo had gone?) Must have something to do with the atmosphere, do you think? I just heard a sandhill crane!

The most beautiful plant in bloom at Madeline’s, certainly timely, “Crown of Thorns.”

Hope everyone is feeling great, so many lately have been in hospital; keep well, keep happy. A little spring bird told me Bev and Richard celebrated an anniversary this week, so congrats.