Tehkummah Talk and Times – June 13, 2018

My yard looks “nekked.” Mike and his trusty sidekick (I think he called him Denzil) took the old van finally today, Tuesday. We also had our Sr. U.C.W. meeting at the home of Betty Russell. Seven members attended, as always, a great get together followed by a great lunch. Today a plant exchange or help yourself kind of. We discussed our upcoming Strawberry Social on July 14 this year. Evening of Saturday the 14th, 7pm to 9pm. Also, a bake sale; that’s a bonus.

Wednesday, a great bunch for cribbage, and a great lunch for cribbage. We had three high hands: Simon, Lorrie Lee, and Graham, 24; first, Margaret and Lorrie Lee, 954; second, Donna and Hugh, 941; tied for third, Brad and Dorothy and Edgar and Rita, 932; low, Janet and Glenn, 822, just beat Cal and I by four for the chocolate bar; door, Rick, Hugh and Rita.

Despite the pain and mortal agony, I suffered overnight, my sixteen-hour day was just terrific. The morning: Joan Beard was so reassuring, and Betty Jean and I got along so well together. I found out I still didn’t know everyone and everything, can you believe it? Nice folks brought us food, thank you very much! The hours did go by fast, we were so busy, I was so happy to see folks with voter cards. That meant they were on the list and many, many folks did not make it. So that meant a lot of extra work, but most folk smiled bravely and filled in a form and left the hall smiling or laughing. So, my painful leg and cramps and spasms were actually the icing on a special day. God bless all the nice folk who live in our area and thank Him, too, for this day when I got to say hello to some old friends and meet some new.

Hey, I picked a few wild strawberries for snacking on this week, delish! I can’t believe it; my hand is sore from writing I guess! Going to treat myself this morning by going to breakfast at Garden Shed. Climbed in the tub at 6 am to take the aches out. Boy, it sure helps a lot. Of course, at Garden Shed I chatted (would you believe) with a Mennonite couple from the States just touring. The gentleman came back in and gave me a CD ‘Amazing Grace’ (Mennonite choir). I always get stuff.

Then a young couple from Sudbury who have their boat at South Baymouth harbour and slept there, going to spend a lot of weekends on the Island. Cassandra and Curtis, I remembered your names. Enjoy your trip supper tonight.

At Ray and Tara’s for Dave and Sherry. He got his Father’s Day neat shirt from Skylar (or grandfathers). Met Jacob’s girlfriend.

Susan, happy birthday, June 12.

I hear Bluegrass in the Country was wonderful.

The frustration of trying to open stuff when you’re old, or is it any time?

Now, I just ran a knife in my finger, darn! Blood, yuk.

I’m in bed early Saturday night, it’s been a busy day. Made some Rice Krispy squares earlier, probably the only house/homework done today. I went to the hall for the tribute to Bernice Duggan’s life. It was nice to see some of the family. Bernice had left home by the time we moved to the Island but, I went to school with all of her siblings. After she and her hubby moved back to the Island they were very involved in community. Bernice was amazingly creative, a beautiful quilt maker. The boys gave a little tribute to her life and memories. Colleen is the only family remaining in this township. I sat with her, Linda and Wendy at the hall. Had a nice visit. From there, I went to the home of Chris Lanktree where the family was celebrating with a tribute to Dwayne’s life. Lots of food there too and lots of friends dropping by while I was there. I got to see freestyle dance while Lyle Dewar played piano. A pretty girl and creative young lady. It was good to say hello to Rob (Rennie) who I thought looked really well. He came from Sudbury with friends.

Thank goodness Brook is OK; she gave them all a scare when she fainted.

Ray’s been getting the garden ready. Are we behind time?

Views from the “Lazy girl’s” chair have been very encouraging with many swallowtail butterflies and today a monarch. A couple of different brown ones. How peaceful and relaxing to watch them in their quiet search for nectar on the lilac. I’ll have to watch for the hummingbird moth, as the sweet rocket is doing its thing now. The “Lazy girls chair” gave up my car key too, today, it had taken it unbeknownst to me yesterday. It picked my pocket, I guess. Anyway, a taxi ride to church and a taxi ride from, thank you. A relief when I found the thief!

Today, June 10 was the 93rd anniversary of our United Church of Canada. Our own church was in existence 28 years before as Methodist (amazing).

I’m writing tonight from Sherry and Dave’s, pet sitting at the same time, easy. I had a hamburger at Carol’s and Earl’s restaurant, joined Betty Jean and Bill. He’s looking great. Hopped over and joined Evelyn Russell’s table then hopped to Barb and Hugh’s, fun visiting. I so enjoyed the yellow roadsides. Trefoils are starting, yellow lady slippers are in mass production and make themselves known. Anstice farm has already got hay rolled up. Season is moving along. Bless you.