Tehkummah Talk & Times

Yogi acquired another lovely baby on Sunday, August 19. Her name is Eisa? Yogi went to the Sault for a first-hand inspection!

Just received an invite by phone to a 50th wedding anniversary garden party. Sounds great.

We had seven- and three-quarter tables for cribbage. I played a double, did well until I got skunked twice! I thank the fill in helpers. Lunch was fabulous as always. So, I slept in that day, couldn’t believe it, 10 am. But I got my Focaccia bread done in time for Sissy’s birthday treat (a take home pan). Two high hands, Donna and Laura, 24s; first, Mary and Melissa, 965 almost perfect; second, Betty Jean and Bill, 937; third, Buck and Georgie, 926; low, Lori and Rick, 800; door prizes, Theresa, Betty Jean and Patrysha. Betty Jean picked Dorothy and I up that evening for euchre at Sandfield. Six full tables, I didn’t pay attention to the winners, but Sheila Fogal won the 50/50.

My early morning date didn’t pan out. These things happen sometimes. But, tracking me down, sister Susan and “surprise” sister Mollie from Winnipeg met me at Garden Shed Café. That is such a beautiful place with beautiful people. I’m sure gonna miss it all! They have a yard sale today, Wednesday, 29th?

I left there got delayed by road gangs coming and going, roads are nice though. Went to a rummage sale, drug store, even won on a scratch ticket for once, $19 on two $3 tickets. Shopped Freshmart, shopped Dollar Store Wiky, visited Helen. Told her I’d been watching her sleep an hour, “I lied”. We had a lovely visit. We’ve been such good friends through the years. She’s such a kind girl. To be continued: scratch ticket story. I should have taken my money and ran! $27 = 0.

Jeff and Cathy Wahl have moved from their home in the Slash. A lot of changes in our area, and new residents come in. Welcome. Mary was in this morning, I’m sure going to miss that girl when she moves to Nova Scotia.

The Market is still going on, Joan and Bob had some lovely veggies. Kathleen’s table missing, a wedding away so I heard.

I met some folks,  The Mackies from Leesons Bay (I’m spelling it right!) A nice young couple, Lisa and Marty. I do like visiting the folks.

Pauline and Wayne invited Mollie and me for supper. BBQ chicken wings and fresh garden veggies. I delivered Mollie back to Susan’s as she was in charge of chickens and cats!

Hurried through my bath and joined Sherry, Tara and Skylar at Garden Shed for breakfast. Laurie and Gail gave me my sitting on down there chair pads. Very pretty. A message on the machine says there are sunshine treats and coffee at Margaret McCarthy’s. I even brought a cherry tart home and had the privilege of driving on the newly opened road (right through now Highway 542.)

Saturday night on my way home I drove over the new bridge (tile?) into Tehkummah. I stopped for a small visit with Mollie after helping Shirley and Ed Sagle to celebrate their 50th. The Garden Party got rained out, but their son John’s new log cabin home (it’s tremendous and beautiful) was lots big enough to accommodate the huge family and selected friends. What a privilege. A beautiful event, the cake was made by Lisa, decorated with fruit and roses, just lovely. Even nicer touching base with the family members again (school chums) Pauline and Calvin had a story or three or five, a lot of laughs. Photos ongoing, digital and new photos under a huge gold and white balloon arch. Scrumptious roast beef dinner and all the fixings. Speeches and stories, anniversary blessings and many more. A special day.

What a busy day. I picked up Mollie for breakfast buffet at the Garden Shed this Sunday morning. We joined Lori, Rick, Heather, Evan, Dorothy, Mary, Pauline, Wayne and Sherry. As always food was wonderful, but we are going to miss this special place and Laurie, Gail and their staff. Quite the atmosphere and ambiance. Mollie and I went to church, St. Andrews where June McDougall was our minister today. I visited with Mollie at Susan’s. (They were attending a wedding in the Sault.) From there I went for the first time to the Deer Show. I wasn’t there too long, it was winding down. They sure had a lot of door prize draws (must have been forty). I did recognize a few names in the draws, four out of five in the row ahead of me won! On my way home visited with Mollie again. She was waiting for Lance and Theresa to arrive and Susan and Simon to return home. I just sat outside, ate a tomato sandwich and birdwatched. They are devouring the sunflower seeds. Lots of birds these days. A whole passel of little songbirds in Manitowaning.

Lots of beautiful butterflies these days too.

Emergency vehicles flying, lights flashing, heading south Sunday afternoon.

Bid euchre winners: first, Betty Jean Bailey, 214; second, Graham Fogal, 207; third, Rick Kempthorpe, 206; low, Jan McMurray, 100, Angie, 101; 50/50 Janet; special, Shirley Nelder, Hugh Corbett and Laurene Halloway. Some good desserts for snacking on!

Norma and Rick had his sister Wendy and Wayne Grey visiting them at their Sandfield home this past week.

Someone, who?, mentioned seeing three cougars at once this past week. Must have been a family?

I have the most beautiful gladiolas I got at the Market from Joan and Bob Beard’s garden. Colour amazing!