Tehkummah Talk & Times

Two lovely ladies called in today, Julia and Amy. Their mission spreading the good word. (Monday)

I went with Pauline to Lynda Garness’ home for our U.C.W. meeting. We always have such a great time together and of course the food was delicious. We called Bev Lynch. It was her birthday on Tuesday and sang to her. We are missing her from our group and area. Norma checked us out. She may join us?

Back on fall/regular schedule just like the school kids. Doesn’t feel like fall yet?

Happy 94th birthday this week, Monday 17th to Raymond Chatwell.

Dorothy Cronk spent a few days visiting Bev and Richard Lynch at their new home in Wilberton. Wednesday evening at the Tehkummah Hall is meet the candidates night.

Glad to hear Gib Pyette is feeling better.

There is no euchre at Sandfield tonight, Wednesday, September 19, will resume next week.

There are so many birds in my back yard and they are hungry! Have the trees ever started since last week, their amazing colour transformation.

Jacob was home for his birthday on Tuesday with girlfriend.

Tomato year, or what? My plot has really produced, about one or more a day since August 1. And still going strong. The jelly beans are amazing, there are four plants in Tara’s garden.

Our cribbage had seven tables of fun: high hand, Dorothy Allard, 24; first, Pat and Laura, perfect score, 968; second, Brad and Dorothy, 941; third, Cal and I, 937; low, Hugh and Marilyn, 794; door, Betty Jean, Cal and Brad. And the amazing lunches continue. Thank you all for all help in anyway.

A “run away from home day”, Thursday. Started with breakfast at Mum’s in Mindemoya. Anita was using the laundromat washing 100? hockey sweaters and socks, so I came back just as she was rounding up! Came home, emptied the van, had a 15-minute nap, headed for Manitowaning, stopped for coffee and bagel at Loco Beanz. Hugh and Barb joined me and we had a great visit. They had gone back home for home repairs. To Freshmart for the smiles and carry out service. I like that store. Home, made a crispy square with pink marshmallows, headed for the Hall where a delicious potluck style buffet was served up prior to bid euchre, a load of fun. Nine and a half tables: first, Janet Knectal, 232; second, Brad Parkinson, 224; third, Don, 221; low, Brian Sprack, 47; 50/50, Annette; special draws, Hugh Corbett, Barb Lawrence, Dave James and Joe Arnold.

Thanks Mary Case and friends.

Friday night car counting, at the ferry 85 off, but you give the big long truck at least 4 cars more, 27 on and then two cycles and the big green machine!

Dave and Jane are the kindest folk. They are good to me. Lynda and Justin are taking the weekend in Toronto to attend a wedding. Nice waitress, excellent fish and chips.

This was the last Market day for this year. It was quite busy. I just visited a lot and that is a fun thing to do. I did weaken and bought a pecan pie, and it is good. Have no idea what I’ll do with the other five pieces.

Clarke was in at the Market, I asked him about his Mum and Dad. They have had a bad week, the loss of a pet and a fall. So, Marlene, hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

Some thank yous were announced today for Joan and Bob’s work in keeping the Market going. To Lori and the Islanders. Today’s vendors, Kathleen, family (for Irene), Ken, Amy and of course Mary and her refreshment table, to all vendors of the season.

Of course, I’m in my Lazee Girl chair reflecting on the past hours, busy for me as I kind of got the Hall ready for our after-church pot luck. What a lovely bunch of folks and most wonderful pot-luck buffet to celebrate Barry and Mary’s time with us here in Tehkummah. I’ve got a tear or two as I write. I said a few words about their time here and how we are going to miss them. Accompanied by castanets, my knees knocking. You’d think I’d be used to talking by now. I made notes, so I wouldn’t cry? Anyway, is it every 24-years our lives change? Barry said they will take their time driving to their new home in Nova Scotia. We had a special presentation. A memory of Tehkummah Township.

The beautiful cake had “moving on” written on it. Joan and David Wood made it out in time for cake and coffee, they had had their lunch. It was good to see David doing so well. I so had planned to go in to the benefit supper Knox and St. Paul’s put-on Saturday evening. I heard it was wonderful. Robbie and Friends music as always was just great. I intended to go after supper here. Turkey for Jacobs 18th birthday. But, I was too tired by then.

We sang happy anniversary to Noreen and Reg, today in church. It was only their 62nd! And wasn’t our sermon on perseverance and musically on “Moving On.”

Eileen calls this Monday morning to remind me of the birthday party at the Hall tomorrow. She has the clearest voice.

She was telling me too about the wonderful event for Joan and David Wood and the lovely music. She said Debbie and Helen sang just beautifully together. (Sometimes I wish I was two people.)

A short walk about with my walking sticks led me to Lisa’s door step where her Mum Elaine LePage was doing an overnight visit. She came over for the farewell for Mary and Barry.

There seems to be a lot of controversy and concerns with our upcoming elections. Hopefully common-sense rules and we do not have a lockdown like the school this past week. Does everything seem a little out of balance anymore? I sit here in my chair and don’t even have a remote in my hand, look out the window, watch the birds calmly going about their business of eating and singing quite happily.

I must have left the lid off my garbage can and sunflower seed container. A dead mouse laying on top of the seed, did he overeat? How did he get in there? Did the cat go in and kill him? There are always mysteries. I would rather concern myself with trivial things like that, could old age have anything to do with it?

Two brothers once lived down this way,

One was Do and one was Say.

If streets were dirty, taxes high,

Or schools were crowded, Say would cry.

“Oh, what a town,” But brother Do.

Would set to work to make things new.

And while Do worked, Say still would cry

He does it wrong, I know that I

Could do it right! So, all the day.

Was heard the clack of brother Say

But this one fact from none was hid

Say, always talked, Do always did.

Found in Eileen Pyettes recipes