Tehkummah Talk & Times


Between cell phones and Pat, I think it’s enough to drive a man to drink.

Oh no, we’re all on overload.

A great distraction on the road. Has safety been considered here?

Or one more thing a driver must fear.

Perhaps it is a big mistake added to the drugs we take. We all pop pills to reduce stress

For all complaints we take the best

Allowing us to live pain free. Prescriptions just for you and me.

You’d wonder what laws will allow to fortify that old cash cow

Of governments they should try

To keep our country clean and dry. After all it’s quite a joke

To blow more money up in smoke.

Pat Hall

September 18, 2018

Pretend I’m your mother. Think about others with kindness, be helpful, be polite, say please and thank you. The facts are if you say things to people or about people. If you talk without thinking they have to live with the hurt, but “you” have to live with the fact that you hurt someone. You will have regrets.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is meant in ‘kindness’! Perhaps there’s too much sun on our heads this year? I have heard so much this past week. I have a real concern for our Island. I think if you would throw all those devices away and go back to basics!

Just congratulated Jeanette Corbiere-Lavall last week on her Order of Canada award. She says things are better? I surely hope she is right. There is a lady with so much grace that has seen both sides. Shouldn’t she be invited to speak at the schools? She lives in the same world we do and is down to earth!

To say that the seasons are a little off kilter is not wrong. I have young goldfinches sitting on the feeder. Pauline called me the other day. Same thing, hers were lined up on the clothesline being fed. I do recall once seeing a baby hummingbird tied up in the spiderwebs late fall.

Many people are not aware that our local elections are “All mail-in votes,” so be sure and not mislay them and/or return them to the office. I don’t really understand why it was done this way. I’m sure it won’t be any cheaper (yellow envelopes I hear).

Back in my Layzee girl chair. My tummy, happy with its birthday cake and ice cream! The birthday party was the best one in a long time, people wise, and our ever faithful musicians “The Islanders” sounded just wonderful, a couple of new songs in the mix too. We had folks up on the dance floor, Edgar and Rita (recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary too). Jeanette, Mary J, Floyd and Mary, Jackie and Jim, Dave and Shirley, Anne and Rick, he played the spoons (and was instructing as well). I could have sold the spoons! Floyd and Mary were in charge of the birthday party today. Blowing out the candles were Jackie, Anna, Harold, Mary and Jeanine. Margaret Cranston was missing from the celebrants. A good time was had by all. Thank you, Lois Newton, who made the cards. We all signed them!

Recently Peter and Irene Tilston celebrated their 53 years together. I had made a note of this for he sang to her at the Tehkummah Market, ‘Good Night Irene.’ Also, Sharlene and Jim were long overdue, a wedding congratulations as from about a month ago! They had many family members help them celebrate on that rainy day.

I have been remiss, too, in welcoming Claire and Wes Kline (spelling correct I hope) into their Michael’s Bay area home! I just found this out recently.

Still in morning dress when Mary O’Neil calls in to return the vase. It had a few of my roses in it for their Sunday event. I can’t talk about her leaving without tears! She’s been such a wonderful neighbour. I was sitting here shelling dried peas. Tara will probably get to plant them next year! I’ve been copying and writing poetry like there’s no tomorrow! There is a lot to copy too.

Got a phone call from firefighters? Asking for $100 or $200, I just laughed! I support our local volunteers when I can, but I’ve never been that generous. The one time I asked where they were calling from, it was Winnipeg!?

Going back to last Sunday’s events for Mary and Barry, a lot of folks I didn’t get to say hello to and thank you all for the overloaded tables of main course and dessert. It was amazing. Our Senior U.C.W., thank you all so much for making this such a wonderful afternoon event! God bless!

Six tables today at cribbage. Because of the hall being set up for candidates’ night, our lunch was set out on the kitchen counter today. Thanks again, cooks and clean-up crew: high hand, Donna, 24; first, Simon and Marg, 935; second, Dorothy A and Brad; 932; third, Donna and Hugh, 931; low, Lori and Rick, 846. I’m sure Ted and I would have been in the winner’s circle if it wasn’t for Norma and Georgina’s “grudge match.” Actually, eight couples over 916 today. That is great scoring. Door, Betty Jean, Ted and Bert.

Layzee girl time: just talked to Kathy and Kim who are in their new home. Down Clarksburg way. I should find out their actually address, maybe they don’t want me—to know!!? Derek’s birthday was on the 19th. This was after the most informative candidates’ night at the Hall. Very well managed by Dave Nelder. Our new council is opting for kindness and unity and of course you know how I feel about that. I already have my first page of this column written as of yesterday. One of the best comments of the evening regarding the dump! That we should all get down on our knees and “beg” Willard Pyette to come back, “I don’t really need to comment, as I’m sure the Expositor will have the highlights.” Thanks, Linda and Shirley, for manning the booth and the delicious homemade cookies. Simon was kept busy passing the microphone. Some good questions from the floor. Rita/Pat’s; David’s last week’s letter in the editorial page.

Kevin Patterson and Lisa made a special trip from Sudbury on Wednesday to attend the candidates meeting.

Ray invited me in for supper on Wednesday night, he had been shopping at the Sheguiandah Hall fundraiser and had bought some delicious turkey meat pies.

Thursday afternoon I finally tried out the Miller Tyme restaurant, they still had my chicken strip and sweet potato fries on the menu, yum!

This evening I read almost all of the paper! Sometimes I stockpile them and do a read and clip day. I can understand the concerns expressed. I like Annette Cada’s letter and when I started school on Vancouver Island, I realize now there were many races and cultures. But weren’t we just kids? My mother was the least prejudiced person you would ever want to meet. She always said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”

This is Mary and Barry’s last week in Tehkummah. May God keep you as you travel and rebuild you friendships elsewhere. Gonna miss you.

Candidates night in Assiginack lowered the attendance slightly for the euchre tournament in Tehkummah, six tables, I’m not sure who was on K.P. Marg Case and Yogi; first, Janice and Sharlene with 90 and 10 lone hands; second, Marg C and Simon, 79; third, Donna and Pat, 78; fourth, Sandie and Yogi, 73; low, Dorothy and Ted, 40; I drew a sketch of a skunk for Brad and Bill; door, Simon.

Not only did I see him once but twice today, Reg Smeltzer. He is visiting his sister Barb for a few days (from Thunder Bay).

Well, I drove down to see the sea to find the ferry cancelled, with good reason I’d say. Lorrie is back, Earl picked her up in Sudbury on Tuesday after her summer away. On my way home, I followed Mark and Maureen and the new golden retriever Sam to his Mum’s. So, had tea, donut and some political and general conversation. Joan was at her home for a couple of days. Lorna had taken her to Sudbury appointments.

The only thing I can say about “Maple Mille” is there sure were a lot of lovely old cars lining up for the ferry. A car show somewhere? A car club?

We had a couple of guests at St. Andrews today, Peggy Novak, Pat’s sister-in-law, and Cathy Duinker from Alberta. She has been in touch with friends. Bertha and Cathy had supper at Garden’s Gate on Friday evening. Cathy surprised attendees, Sandra (Sagle) Pegalo’s 60th birthday celebration at the Tehkummah Hall on Saturday evening and if food means love, there sure was a lot of that there! Just wonderful. Neighbours, family, friends! I popped over to visit Helen Oswald at the Wiky Nursing Home on Saturday afternoon. She’s looking good. We had a good talk.

Lorna gave me a large bunch of cards, I have them organized already.

Martin, Lynda, Pauline, Wayne, Mary and I had lunch at Carol and Earl’s after church. Raymond has his own private table.

I’ll be playing pick-up sticks, the wind played havoc with my trees. Some folk lost hydro. Pray for a less busy Coleen.