Tehkummah Talk & Times

The cardinals seem to like to associate with the red wing blackbirds.

Betty Jean was our caller at bingo Monday night.

On Tuesday, Lori took me in to Manitowaning for my doctor’s appointment. I was grateful for that.

I see the first daffodil in bloom today. The darned deer ate most most all of the crocus this year, and all my white ones disappeared overnight.

Is anyone following the Voice and The Village? It goes in a lot of directions!

Wednesday morning made myself French toast and tried out the maple syrup. 

Rain hitting the window pane and an east wind. At least the robins should stay dry on the hydro mast. They must be the same ones that nest there every year. They must have fairly long lifespan if they can avoid the cats, as I had a one-legged one in my yard for years.

Lori said she put her hummingbird feeders out. She usually has them in her yard before I do here. The birds, that is.

Six full tables today for cribbage. Join us any Wednesday at 1:30 pm. We do have fun. Today, high hand was Cal, 24; first place, Patrysha and Laura, 938; second, Glenda and Georgina, 936; Marg C. and Bobbi Jo, 920; low, Shirley and Betty, 844; door, Betty Jean, Doris and Dorothy A.

Lori’s birthday, April 2.

Simon and Susan took a bus ride to Toronto and back for Susan’s check-up.

I got wet and almost blown away walking today, the coffee time gathering. Sure has a lot of laughs and are getting a good crowd, Norma said. 

Lloyd and Lois were in Sudbury this week (three poems this morning.)

Today there was a piece of cherry pie waiting for me at the hall. 

A phone call this morning from the far west. Derek sounded happy.

Happy birthday, Desiree last Friday.

Happy Mother’s Day to mamas and poppas everywhere! Substitute Mom’s too or adoptive, may you all be blessed.

Happy birthday, Tavis Case (today) as I write this.

Finally, I got my wheels under me on Thursday. Felt strange to be driving once again. When did the caution lights go in on Mindemoya main corner? Should help? 

A short call in to wish Lori happy birthday. Cal was there, and Heather arrived just as I was heading for the regular euchre game at the hall, four tables and one: men’s high, Dave James, 77: men’s lone hands, Dave Nelder, 5; low, Hugh, 50; ladies’ high, Shirley Nelder, 92; ladies’ lone (cut once), Pat N., 2; ladies’ low, Laurene, 47; door, Shirley N.

Friday morning, I couldn’t find a spot to park on main street South Baymouth when the Island was waiting for the new season of the Chi-Cheemaun, so I parked at the marina. I counted 79 pieces, trailers included, and of those, 48 were half ton trucks. So welcome, 2019 season.

I stopped at the restaurant Carol’s and Earl’s and saw the “Bird Man.” He said the count was low all around this year. Great to see Lorrie back from her winter sun. A nice young man shared table space, then Fran and Joe came in and joined us, so good visiting. Maurice had been smelt fishing the night before and had been generously giving them away. Fran and Joe got some, too. Sherry came in bearing gifts today, edible ones, too. She and Dave were going to Grill and Chill for supper to help Alicia celebrate Tavis’ birthday a day late. BJ stopped in for a minute trying to give me a gift.

A reminder from Marg Case that the next Bid euchre isn’t until the 27th of June. After the regular tournament this month, the Hall will be closed for 10 days so the floors can be done. Just the regular games in the interim, and they are in the evening at 7:30 pm.

June McDougall was our minister at St. Andrews. She always has a great message delivered with humour soaking up the “rays” in the meantime.

I see the swallows are back from Capistrano and the flicker flock are thick in South Baymouth, as well.

There is no seniors’ birthday party this month. Guess it will be double celebration in June.