Tehkummah Talk & Times

I wonder what that means? Marylynn and Sheridan: Kim and Kathy’s neighbours an old note from Market Day (way back)?

Tuesday afternoon: you just never know. Friend Pat Falter picked me up at 11 am. She had stuff to do at South Baymouth. We were going to go to Garden Shed for lunch, but they were closed. So, a scenic drive (clouds were lovely) to Green Acres. So, I said “Would you like to see the building site?” So, we got there just in time to watch the foundation walls being poured along with nephew Peter, Leanne and greats, Ava Jean and Leah. What a surprise to see them there. They had been at Bear’s Inn since Saturday. Pete got into wall levelling with John, Tristen and Derek. That was neat to see the pouring and all. That cement truck driver sure knows his stuff. 

Hydro is still blinking here. Is it residue from yesterday’s micro burst? Wild for a while here. Pat said she got caught in one on Prov boardwalk on Saturday. I know Tara’s laundry was all on the ground Monday. Peggy showed me a picture at bingo of the top of a tree that just missed a trailer at Sandfield, Watson’s camp (I think).

Drove down Dyment St., South Baymouth to Green Drive, counted 19 monarchs: Though some might be following me; went back to the stairs/the trail, counted 14, turned around and back up that small stretch, counted 33 flying. There could have been more (about 6 pm) Tuesday. Beautiful!

Went to Susan and Simon’s, visited for a bit. Saw two baby foxes playing on the middle of the road above Irene’s basketshop (the top of the hill.)

Happy birthday to Joan Arnold. She called this week thinking I didn’t love her anymore. What’s not to love? We have always been close cousins.

Alexis McDougall, too, recently celebrated her birthday. No big party, she said!

Seven tables for cribbage Wednesday. As always, much fun, much food and Dorothy did some re-neating. We had two 24 hands, Cal and Joy; first place, Joy and Dorothy A., 958; second, Gib and Florence, 944; third, Lori and Rick, 925; low, Donna and Hugh, 840; door prizes, Barb Lawrence, Jessie Bell and Hugh Corbett. We had a month end roundup of some teams. Three highest games average, Sandra and Doris got their perfect score records back with an A-plus-plus, bonus chocolates; highest average for the month, Ted and Ruth (all four games over 900) averaged honorable mention, 930; Peggy and Bobby Jo, 913; Keith and Jessie two games, 940; Rita and Edgar had three skunks in one game, but then so did I, last week! (playing with no partner but Bill and Betty Jean got the Vidalia onion, they got three skunks in two games!)

Betty Jean was taxi for Bill, Dorothy C. and me.

Sandfield euchre, 8 tables: Eva got the 50/50, her birthday, too; the 3-9’s for $10, Annette; I won the ladies’ high, 77 points; men’s, Joe A. and Bill C., split with 70; Janet K. got four lone hands, one on a cut with Shirley and me; they also had a prize for the first 4-10’s to keep, Annette won?

I sure didn’t do much today, slept late, had a bath, slept, drove to South Baymouth to count the butterflies again; 29 at 3:30 pm, lots of small painted ladies today. The milkweed is so lush there. Same area counted Saturday 1 pm, 38 monarchs; Sunday, 2 pm, 23. Tara has let 23 go by the 3rd of August. Today, she has countless more started from eggs on the milkweed and brought in to feed the ones she already started.

Lots of fun at euchre: ladies’ high, me, 74; ladies’ lone hands, 6, me! I’m on a roll!; ladies’ low, Brenda, 55; men’s high, Annette, 72; men’s lone hands, John N., 4; men’s low, Peggy, 56; door prize, Peggy.

Dorothy Cronk looks after the regular euchres and tournaments. Simon was just going to arrange the tables for market when I left near 11 pm: we need some new volunteer help.

Barb Forth fell and broke her wrist (at Watson’s Camp), get better soon. We will shuffle, c’mon down!

Pauline has a bluebird family feeding at her place. Gaetan and friends were trying for some photographs Sunday morning. (the third) Anna, Hart, Manfred and Greta lunched at Carol’s and Earl’s after church today. The picture of Jesus on the front wall has a perfect cross on it. The sun and the window frame. It held for most of the church service. We are still on the spiritual teachings, mostly from Matthew today. What a powerful ministry! Mary Yett brought another beautiful bouquet of burgundy holly hock, plants, too almost! Two dogs enjoyed the service, Sparky and Peanut. I hear I missed a wonderful concert and a good buffet at Knox on the third, Kevin Closs. We were celebrating Marg Reckahn’s and Sherry Case’s birthdays at Tara and Ray’s, though Marg had to cook her own turkey. Tara working the weekend, the timing had to be Saturday, 6:30 pm. Complete turkey dinner, delicious! Fifth and sixth actuals. I have to mention how lovely the swimming beach looks at South Baymouth. I hear Lorrie has a lot to do with that.

Well, Thursday night I was kicking off! Still here Friday to tell about it. Friday evening, I’m on my way again. Ray drove me to emerg. Sherry came flying through the doors shortly after I got there. They wired me for sound and effects. I’m dandy. Sherry brought me home after sending Ray a bit earlier. I still felt rocky but…. Slept in the lazy girl chair about five minutes in the morning, the gas started. Should have, could have sold it. No additives, just natural, I guess. Now my reserve tanks must be good that lasted till about 8 am. Really, how close is that to your heart? Slept and slept through, a bug? Maybe? Saturday at 12 noon I drove down to the yard sale at the Schoolhouse Museum. They said not as busy as other years. Our United Church has a sale in front Betty Jean’s. I was late for it.

I have to thank the two lovely young nurses who were so kind and speedy on Friday evening and the gentle spoken Dr. Fiona Main of the beautiful smile! I felt after I wasted everyone’s time, but you most certainly reassured me! Thanks again.

The flower bed at the museum is spectacular right now and the hanging baskets all around town. May be the last year as the volunteers are getting thinned out (everyone here, I think).

The elusive Aunt Pat! This vehicle pulls up behind me at Rogers Creek! They had met me at McNaughton’s and turned around and followed. I expected to see Sherry fishing and other family members. Anyway, when Sherry did arrive she and nephew Pete had a bit of a worm sharing and a fishing competition. I got to have a visit with the family; Leanne, Ava and Leah. They are heading home to Waterloo on Monday. Sherry was catching small sunfish; they both were catching salad, as Pete says. The family out in the boat showed a nice pike. They finally came in, held up the fish again to show it off, down, not into the boat, but beside the boat and dock, a very narrow space. Of course, many laughs, jokes, and a sad look or two and the story. They were about ready to leave when one of the parties of three said there’s a fish in the water. Well, catch, release and re-catch, by hand. The one that got away but didn’t! A great story.

I don’t know how long it’s been since the therapy of Rogers Creek has worked its magic to me. Sherry had the chairs, so Leanne and I sat, watched the birds, ferns, seagulls, cormorants, a duck, many geese, a pair of big black birds, not sure but in the eagles’ size category. The creek was so quiet, except for the odd circling on the water when a fish surfaced and reflecting the sunset and its lovely coloured sky, the scent of white sweet clover and just clean air. I said to Sherry when we left (we were there longest), “I don’t know why I don’t go and sit there every evening, but every evening isn’t probably as restful as this was.” We had supper again at Ray’s, Tara was working. Ray made more food though, we went for leftovers!

I pulled out a few whiskers tonight, chin, Sherry was admiring mine in the bright hospital light a couple of nights ago. They are like dandelions, they duck when you try to mow them.