Tehkummah Talk & Times


Let’s not hesitate.

Have we sealed our fate?

Let’s just watch and wait.

Have we waited too late?

Fraud’s on the rise,

They’re all in disguise

Need no alibis

And no more surprise


The limits exceeding,

The country is bleeding.

We follow, who’s leading?

There is no more good deeding!

– February 23, 2020

An early valentine wake up call to my sister Mollie in Winnipeg. I didn’t sing her happy birthday, but I did sing her a song I had written.

A nice note today from Betty King in Elliot Lake. Thinking about you. She has her worries, too.

Lovely to see my cardinals at the feeders today. My Valentine presents!

On Wednesday evening at 11:30 pm I thought, “it’s not that late out there”, and surprised my nephew, Gary Hall, with a phone call. It was good to hear his voice. He had just been to Vancouver for more tests and will be having some surgery in the near future.

Right on track, am I, as I ask you if you enjoyed your Family Day? Norma, my uber-driver, picked me up for church at Fairview. Nice to see Rob and June McDougal. June was our minister today. Some nice hymns.

I drove into South Baymouth this evening. What a nice bunch of rocky ice sculptures. Some trees at the waterfront park area were totally encased. Beautiful and shiny. A few deer on the streets. One has to drive slowly. The harbour totally open. What a colourful showy sky, cream coral, orange grey and purplish shades to the west. East and north had layers of pink and purply shades. A nice evening.

Some of my family did a camp-out Saturday night in honor of Family Day.

February 23rd- Harbour filled with ice today, rough seas. The water is talking about a storm coming?

Yogi tells me on Monday evening that she was sitting in her porch when she saw a lynx, quite close, across her yard, also she saw a lovely pheasant there this past week, as well. I had fox tracks right to my front door in the fresh snow on Sunday morning.

A nice long hour and a half phone chat with sis Mollie in “Winterpeg.” Derek and Jodi, as well. Their wedding anniversary is on February 28. When I got off the plane in Prince George (BC) one of the first things I saw was a Manitoulin Transport truck. 

This morning, Tuesday, I am watching a program called “This Place We Call Home,” and the history of how this now large city came to be. What an interesting story. Of course, I saw this place in 2007.

They cancelled the talk on Tuesday at the Hall, postponed until April when there will be better weather? Remember last April? Anyway, we do need to be more aware of those scammers! And friends!

Coffee Time—A full table of chatter today. Joan always has lots of goodies.

Six full tables for cribbage today. As always, a good lunch. Thank you. Three 24 hands today, Noreen, Laura and Bobbi Jo; first, Brad and Dorothy, 931; second, Gib and Florence, 927; third, tied, Laura and Patrysha, Shirley and Glenda, 925; low, Keith and Sheila, 820; door prize, wooden heart, Keith and Gib.

A phone call from Doris Bayers asking about today’s euchre time. She had gone to Beaver Valley (their carnival weekend) to play cards with her sister and enjoy a good spaghetti dinner and family time.

Lynda Garniss came through my door Thursday afternoon with a chicken pie. I had it in the oven a few minutes after. Delicious pastry, too. Some of the girls used the facilities available at Knox Church Hall to make fruity pies. So, thank you from our Sr. U.C.W. group and thank you to the girls who did all the hard work.

Norma’s phone photo was pretty impressive, 48 pies?

There were nine tables for the regular euchre tournament on Thursday evening. My partner for the evening was Gordon, Ted’s son-in-law, he played with his daughter Gina. Second last table we met up and were tied with 44 points, so a $5 bet between the guys who had the final higher, but heard that Gina got a lone hand, so? First place, Norma and Jeneen, 80; second, Dorothy and Brad, 79; third, Yogi and Bobbi Jo, 76; fourth, Margaret and Sherry, 73; low, Marg Case and Hugh, 43; lone hands, six each, Dorothy and Brad, Yogi and Bobbi Jo, Sherry and Marg; 50/50, Ken Pepper.

A message for me Saturday evening from George. I won the big basket at the seed swap at the hall. I will be excited to see what’s in it. It looked full. Then I won lunch out with Bobbi Jo after at Carol’s and Earl’s and we had a couple of games of cribbage. I am lucky, right? (And I won those, barely.)

The Hall was decked with Redgad surrounded by tree greenery vases as centerpieces on the tables. It was a very busy and active spot, even a play centre, arts for the youngsters. Mary Yett was working her new titanium hip. So, we had lunch together (mushroom soup made with coconut milk). I hung around and listened to the talks, etc. Info, a guitar artist (made his own) was singing! Boo played piano. Lots and lots of seeds to choose from. Everyone cheery. So great to see Linda Wilson’s beautiful smile and that she is so healthy now. Barely hello to Mary Balfe. Great to see Warren. He was covering the event.

A phone call too, from friend Helen Oswald. She tells me her friend Lydia recently lost her husband and her niece Yvonne has had surgery. So, thinking of you folk! She also told me of a birthday day, Saturday, Brian’s, spent with Joyce and some of the family at the nursing home (Sprack). Happy birthday!

An early call from Joan Arnold. She sounded cheery, perhaps it’s the sunshine, too. Someone saw a robin, maybe it didn’t pack its suitcase in the fall? Most folk do not report a lot of birds, other than blue jays lately.

Back in the swing after church. Martin, Lynda, Pauline, Wayne, Norma and Marg around the table, lots of laughs too!

Earl and Liz are back to the regular Saturday, Sunday hours, 11 am to 7 pm.

A call from Kim and Kathy, he says lots of birds in Meaford!

George brought the basket Sunday eve. Lots of wonderful surprises and thank you for all my many blessings and smiles that this week has allowed.


As part of our failing

Our country derailing

We shouldn’t be sailing

We find folks are ailing.

We are all well aware

Of the coronavirus 


Perhaps it’s a snare

The blame we must 


Of changing land faces

And losing green spaces

While species erases

Put out at the bases.

We’ve poisoned the bees

And compromised seas

We’ve cut down the trees

Brought us to our knees.

The wheres and the 


And constant goodbyes,

Of all kinds of flies

From our polluted skies.

There seems lots of   


As teachers strike out

We all need to shout

When trouble’s about.