Tehkummah Talk & Times

The weather is nice, sun shiny and melting and though there is bare ground nearby, I have a miniature skating rink at my door (facing north). Fortunately, Skylar was sitting outside putting fishing line on her reel when I used my ice for my double axel complete with scream. She was quick getting to me. My elbow cracked the stone house and a couple of sore knees and a soaking wet behind (the melty day). She was very patient helping me up. I was just coming home from a nice afternoon, Sr. U.C.W meeting. Our hostess, Lorna Russell. Betty filled in as president in Lynda’s absence. Pauline, Betty Jean, Joan and our newest member, Laura. A helpful household hint was our roll call. A few readings for St. Patrick’s Day, a dessert after our lunch, a most wonderful fresh berry trifle, yummy!

Received word March 16 that the Tehkummah Hall is closed until further notice!

Skylar also found the screw nail that had fallen out of my falling apart oven door. We got that fixed up Tuesday, I can bake again!

The March moon is looking in my windows again tonight, looks like a great round of cheddar! Very beautiful!

Marlene Moore was at coffee time on Wednesday morning doing a special delivery adjustment.

Sandra Pope too did a Mary Kay hand exfoliation and we tried out some lovely creams. From time to time we never know what surprises are in store for us.

High hand today, Noreen Parkinson, 21; first, Betty Jean and Bill, 933; second, Bobbi Jo and Jan, 929; third, Margaret and Lorrie Lee, 908. There are two honorable mentions as they were so close behind, Marion and Gord, 907; Gib and Florence, 906; the rest of the bunch today below 900; low, Dorothy and Brad, 846; door all males, Ken, Cal and Hugh. Thanks for the good lunch.

I was a bit achy this morning then, to help matters, Cleo jumped up and knocked my cup of coffee all over my nice new Easter and special notes. I was writing and sealed stuck my envelopes became sealed. I said darn it/grumble!

Marg Case is back home again. There were four and a half tables for bid euchre: first, Laura Scott, 216; second, Marion Hughson, 206; third, John Novak, 193; low, Pat Novak, 79; 50/50, Dorothy, $18.50.

Skylar went with me on Friday to help with laundry. What a wind. We drove to South Baymouth before coming home to see very small waves compared to the wind that would have broken my arm if it had been in the way when it slammed the car door shut.

Mollie phoned, as everyone is so concerned these days with the shutdowns, closure and panic, pandemic. She calls it the human lottery game. Sounds about right! Are you enjoying your self quarantine? We will go stir crazy, talking to ourselves, oh, it’s OK, I’m a brilliant conversationalist! Geez, that’s a long word!

Just received a call that church is cancelled for a week or? I like my church!

Be awful if Canada’s civil war is caused by a TP issue. Hopefully the spring winds dry out all those leaves laying on the ground, we may need them!

So nice to say “hello” to Erwin Thompson, we did an elbow bump!

Lloyd Thomas recently had a surgery and we hear that Daisy Moise broke her arm, recover soon folks! Thinking of you. I also hear that Eileen Leeson is back home again and so is Bob Blue. Nothing like your own bunk!

6 pm, just in from an afternoon at the Tehkummah Hall. Regular euchre tournament, eight tables. Folks from as far away as Silver Water. Lone hands, Eva and Lois, 8; first, Karen and Myra, 89; second, Brad and Bill, 82; third, Eva and Lois, 79; low, Jan and Rick, 49. The stew supper was served up after, beef or chicken. Lots of veggies, desserts, cake and ice cream, fruit etc. The draws, I won guess the shamrocks with 117; candy guess, Pat Norton, 28 and Judy Parkinson, 32; first door prize, Jim Henderson; second, Bob Bendo; third, Joan Beard; fourth, Ruth McGregor; draw, wreath, Bobbi Jo; tote bag plus, Jodi Parkinson; 50/50, Bill Trayner. Great day for the Parkinson family!

I’m wishing you all good health and freedom from all bad bugs and the fear and worry that is holding us hostage!