Tehkummah Talk & Times


If we could hold on to our tomorrows

Without destroying our todays,

For in constancy

There is no guarantee.

With our loneliness disposed of

In simple handy ways,

For these troubling thoughts

Quite often follow me.

I wouldn’t have to face the sadness

Or riddles to resolve,

No safety net, when love

Just hangs around.

Our choices not our own, we find

When we are sorrow bound,

We’re born for love, so

Odds against us isn’t fair.

To give life up for freedom

Only causes pain.

The mystery of life

That I must solve

Could make us more aware.

Would we gain control again?

– Pat Hall, 2018

Day 15: Monday, March 30. All of a sudden last evening I realized that the paranoia has caught up to me when I realized I wanted the neighbour out of the house quickly. And as I have been doing, swabbed the door handles down. As it seemingly comes closer to us, but then, I listened to the news which for me at the best of times is a no-no!

Then I coughed on the phone and Susan (sis) figured I was on my way out?!

Angie was good enough to deliver my fax out to The Expositor for me.

A lovely, long phone chat with Kim and Kathy. They are both still working and very cheery sounding. Sherry has been delivering fresh bread around. I had a fresh bread toasted hamburger for lunch.

Day 16: Tara picked up mushrooms for me and Sherry picked up groceries in Manitowaning. I’m eating well as usual. A walk in the yard and phone call from Mollie pretty well made my day. Naps, n.c. Colleen phones.

Day 17: April 1, 2020, trying not to be a fool.

A cute four-way skit on TV at 3 am on what day it is. Let alone what date! My calendar always was church Sunday, bingo Monday, it let alone date! But the time is going, and this must be Wednesday because I think the Expositor comes today!

We are such social beings at what point will we say, SCREAM! This social isolation will be hard on our mental health and you front line workers must be under an awful stress! My prayers are out there for you all.

Keep the faith!

“The journey is as important as the destination!”

Day 17: I socially recreated my affinity with Mother Nature this April Fool’s Day. Was a lovely trick to play on this Island of ours. 11-degree temps, bees buzzing in the snowdrops and crocus, daffodils working their pointed stems through last fall’s leaf cover. 

Today’s calls: Sherry, Helen, Mollie and Barb. Today’s greatest ad on TV: “for the first time in history we can save the whole human race by lying in front of the TV!”

It’s funny I guess, I kept saying we are going to have to go back. I was picturing horse and buggy, but I was thinking the electronic culture (which is no culture at all) would be the thing that would bring us down, electronics did too in the information department but it did give us a chance to prepare (kind of) by this all starting away from us. So, if there is any chance at all. But this will certainly change the way the world thinks. No more chest beating saying ‘I’m boss, we know who/what controls.’ No more complacency. Me, as I watch from the sidelines, I have lived already 33 years longer than I ever expected. Feel saddened to see all the folks being tested as to their strengths and courage. So many changes yet to come. So, brace yourself. But after we get over all our suspicions, I think we may come out more thoughtful and kind and for gosh sakes, I hope the youth learn basic survival. 

I just had a delicious garden pot supper! Lorna brought in some fresh dug parsnips. Put the pot of water to boil, peeled and sliced two good sized parsnips, then added a big carrot sliced and one potato and one good sized onion. A bit of butter and seasoning about 15 to 20 minutes it was on my plate. How easy and how good for me.

Had a visit across the road style with Mary and Floyd Hopkin today when I went for the mail. (We have to commiserate on the seclusion, right?)

Got a couple of cute cards, one is for a new baby, congrats (it does have baby bunnies on it, you just never know what isolation may bring?) I got a good laugh anyway.

Day 19: Another day another dollar? Well, maybe not! But a few laughs, talking old times with Nola Haner. What a lovely surprise call from her this morning. This lady was creative and imaginative over the years with the fashion shows. We all have good memories and thank you for the compliment!

A laugh always with Lyle Dewar, this busy good-hearted fella. Also, Cal, we talk most days from our isolation towers! I’m writing notes and letters today. Lorna brings in Martin’s sermons and Bible study for me to read. As I’m writing, I have a heavy-like lead cat cutting off the circulation in my leg and that can’t be good? A phone call from Doris Bayer this morning, she sounds busy, packing beef away. I planted tomato seeds outside this morning. Old seeds so I’m taking a chance. Hey, looking to the future too!

A call from Dr. Shukla’s office, to call. 

Re-reading last week’s obits and I had intended extending sympathy to the Finch family, especially old friends Vicky and Rita. I was thinking of you. We were, Sherry, too.

A phone chat with Earl and Liz late this afternoon. They are doing take-outs at the restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays. Call 705-859-3000. They are doing okay health wise, sounded happy and that’s good! 

Sherry brought Tara and I a lovely Easter rose, pretty bi-coloured, mine, hers, orange.

Day 20: “Prayer is a mighty instrument not for getting man’s will done in Heaven, but for getting God’s work done on Earth.”—Robert Law

A phone call from Derek. Mackenzie’s temperature is -20 degree and lots of snow still and he’s still hauling wood chips for T.P. I wonder what’s up with the hoarding?

Talk with Eileen, Betty Jean, Susan, Kathy and Terry. 

Ray dug out the rakes and shovels and their family gathered up a lot of leaves out front and in my patio area, but I was not outside at all. Margaret brought a gift of moose burger and hung on my door know. More thank yous for all my blessings.

Day 21: Finally, some rest, all this time on my hands and until Saturday, 8 am I had been sleepless, 29 hours, but today  I am rested again. My body does weird stuff when it is overtired. (I think, I self-diagnosed!) 

Two calls this morning already from Pauline and Sherry.

Who is starting 1,000-day project/puzzle? A lot of folks are doing puzzles. I’ve got some if anyone runs out.

I have written so many cards and notes since yesterday. My Lazee-girl has had a good work out. Actually, I think I’m wearing it out? Come to think of it, “Boy” company owes me for advertising.

Happy birthday today, Wednesday, April 8 to Skylar and my cat Ginger, they are double (almost) birthdays. Maybe I’ll make “kitty cupcakes.”

The Queen’s message was spot on. The Lamb who died to save us is the Shepherd who lives to guide us. Easter blessings to you all. Keep safe and happy and to all who are fighting the good fight. Thank you so very very much.

“The glory of life is to love, not to be loved, to give, not to get, to serve, not to be served.”