Tehkummah Talk and Times

By Golly, sometimes during the week I’ll write a line or two, but here it is Monday morning and nary a scratch on a page. So we’ll check and see just how good my memory is?

Two of the nicest folks I know and part of our church family have just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. So congratulations Dot and Andy Watson! She has also just had a birthday.

We have some Valentine birthdays coming up. My sister Mollie, friend Betty Jean, and Marilyn Moggy (country). Mark Arnold has a birthday coming up soon. We were surprised to see Mark and Maureen at Carol’s and Earl’s on Sunday after church. Nice to have a wee visit with them. They just came from Lively where a water main had broken next door. No water at their house and trucks and noise all night. They were heading straight back home. Don’t know how their trip was but from South Baymouth to Tehkummah the snow was falling heavily.

Our after church lunch bunch was Pauline and Wayne, Justin and Quillan (Mary and Rosie off to Cuba), Lynda, Mum and I.

Cal and I had been down Saturday evening. Nice and relaxing after all the work! Stan and Jeanette were there. The guys were going to go into politics (maybe?). Brian, Margaret, Calvin and Joan came along. They celebrated Joan Vyse’s birthday a day early (9th). A muffin with a candle and the Happy Birthday song! Brian you’ll be pleased to know I do need cardology lessons as Cal beat me three in a row, and yet I beat Mum three in a row Sunday. Saturday she was the big winner.

So many folk with bone/leg problems. Good to see Bev feeling not too bad Sunday. News was they had taken Bert Bosje to Sudbury by helicopter Saturday night with a blood clot in his leg. He and Shawn had been chain sawing. Shawn just came home last week from Sault Ste. Marie with pneumonia and then there was car trouble.

Speaking of, I heard a scratch bump noise on the road in South Baymouth. So I went and disturbed Gary Brown. Pulled a rusted piece out from under my good van and said it only holds up the gas tank? There’s always something.

B.J., Vivian, Ray too, bone trouble.

Sympathy to Carol and family in the loss of Ron Sheppard. He was the nicest “kid”, never missed a Saturday night “hamburger” after the dance at our snack bar. Not too long ago he asked me if I still made good hamburgers?

Family ties are still being broken when “Popeye” the fourteen-year-old pet of Sherman and Eileen had to be put to rest. I’m sure that was a tough decision for you boys and I’m glad that you did it together. Thinking of you all. This dog was so cute. Four o’clock was time for his dinner and he’d be nosing his dish towards the fridge and dancing around!

Well this week Pat Novak picked me up Friday and we were once again judges at the public speaking at Assiginack Public School. It’s always an interesting process and the young folk do well to get up and tell their stories. The youngest competitors were so impressive. Some have great stories, some speak from experience, some without even a cue card. Some speak too quietly or too fast. But all do get a number one gold in my book for being up there.

On Thursday afternoon Bible study was held at the home of Pauline and Wayne Martin. After a bit of technical difficulty, things got underway. Good lunch afterward, and Mum told some stories of her life on the farm!

We were disappointed in the turnout on Saturday at the Tehkummah hall. So many who didn’t get to see how lovely the hall looked. Thanks to the guys, Terry, Wayne, Richard and Robert, who helped in the set up the night before. Lorna and I had decorated earlier in the week. Thanks to all the Sandwich makers and also for the delicious goodies. Our kitchen buzzes with talk and laughter, everyone gets along so well together. We thank everyone who donates gifts or prizes for our draws and to our supporters. On behalf of our Sr. U.C.W. I thank you all. We couldn’t continue without you. It’s strange how the lucky stars hang over certain folk at these events.

Prize winners from the 2014 Valentine Tea: Valentine birthday, Marilyn Moggy; door prizes, Casey Bowerman (valentine), Skylar Reckahn (bear), Kirsten Bowerman (chocolate); Jeneen Phillips, Pat Dryden, Faye Gilliard, Coral Collins, Audrey Williamson, Jean McCulligh, Eileen Leeson, Ruth Tarr, Peggy Wood, Marilyn Moggy, Jeanette Barrette, Margaret McCarthy, Donna VanHorn, Jean McCauley; Edith Clarke, poppy seed cake; Debbie Scott, crocus; Edith Clarke, chocolate basket; Faye Gillard, small Valentine basket; Pauline Martin, pillows; Linda Bowerman, spa basket (bath); Sharon Williamson, white bears; Pat Hall, earrings; Pauline Martin, groceries; Lorna Russell, green tea; Donna VanHorn, large Valentine basket; Kristen Bowerman, kid’s bear; Donna VanHorn, preserves.

The Triangle Club birthday party is on February 18 at 2 pm. We invite you to come. They have a poetry contest going. First prize is a $20 gift certificate from Queen Street General Store in Manitowaning. They always have lunch and a birthday cake, so come on out and have some fun. Helen called me this morning to remind me.

Margaret McCarthy recently spent a week in the “west” with her sister who is having quite the battle with cancer.