Tehkummah Talk & Times

There seems to be quite a few Monarch butterflies around this fall; I guess that’s a positive.

Jeneen, recover soon, don’t fall just because it’s “FALL”! Thinking of you.

“Celebrities,” the Tom Quackenbush family “Canadian Living Magazine” saw Tom and (Michael?) at the Township office on Monday. He says they’re Facebook famous as well! Something about Toronto (I should have asked more questions!). Congratulations.

Susan and Chris won the last game, but Mum and I won the first two, oops! This is Tuesday evening, 10:30 pm; I’m in my bunk writing.

A check up today at Mindemoya with my N.P. Tara.

I was going to visit Kim, who spent a couple of days at the camp with “Dog Toulin,” but met him so turned back to Tehkummah, a little visit in the yard before he headed home. I made homemade pizza earlier, Cal popped in for a bit of a visit before I went to Mum’s.

I guess the meeting at the Hall today consisted of elections of officers for 2018.

Cribbage tournament: Wednesday, 7 tables; high hand, Bill Case, 24; first, Janet and Donna, 944; second, Cal and I, 938; third, Marg and Simon, 934; low, Bill and Ruth McGregor, 850; door, Rick G, Ruth McG, Marg Case.

A visit at Dorothy’s front door, Cal, Dennis and I. Then we had a bite at Carol’s and Earl’s. Good to see Patti with her Mum, Loretta. Patti’s here for a few weeks.

Sandfield euchre, four tables; today Wednesday, October 11, is the last one of the season; high, Betty Jean, 79; lone hands, me, 3; low, Irene James, 46; men’s, Bill Case, 77; lone hands, Dave James, 4, and low, 46; door, Betty Jean; lunch, Laurene and Sharon.

Don’t forget the Triangle Club birthday party the third Tuesday of each month at 1:30 pm.

I got a few calls looking for the Wiky Tribal Police, hope I don’t ever have to deal with an emergency!

Sissy, I finally read “The Little Old Lady who broke all the rules,” I couldn’t put it down. If you older folk ever need adventure, follow this little Old Lady (basically for folk in retirement homes, nursing homes), don’t get ideas!

Seven tables (I think) at Bid Euchre: first, Janet, 258; second, Brad, 2?? (forgot); third, Betty Jean, 221; fourth, Donna, 187; low, Josh, 22; 50/50, Judy P; draw, Pat Hall, me; lunch was good! Joan B and ?

Jacob dug spuds, Skylar picked them up, I helped, I was the boss!

Card game with Mum, I won. She’s been pretty tired, but so am I.

Hope your Thanksgiving was great. Mary O’Neil is back. She and Barry flew to Nova Scotia and took a three-year-old along.

I’m a most unusual person, as you all know, because I confess my sins and flaws in my column. This is a good day, and only a couple of days since new bedding went on my resting spot. I thought you might be interested in what is on the bed, besides the cat “Marble.” Only three big pillows and a small one I made years ago (it has raised three cats on it), one pair of scissors, three pens, two Women’s World magazines. (Besides reading, I’m almost done the one crossword puzzle), one pair of glasses, clippings of jokes, cartoons, and nice sayings,  book on abused animals from PETA, one Sudoku book, one fill it ins (chicken soup style), some flyers, cat treats, my clip-board with poetry and news for my column, a box of Kleenex and a tube of Avon achey foot rub. Oh, I forgot ME! I forgot the book I am reading too, called “Take Four.”