Tehkummah Talk and Times

Joan said Lucas Arnold got an 8-point buck archery hunting on the weekend.

Rob Gill has been up at the apartment, also doing some bow hunting with John Novak. Pat was feeling much better on Sunday; she has had a bad cold ever since they returned from the east coast and Matthew’s wedding.

Pauline and Wayne, Susan and Simon had dinner and visiting time with Bev and Richard Lynch. A nice change and a break from the worry time with Mum. She challenged me to cards; I won both games. No breaks just because she wasn’t feeling well.

Big euchre afternoon, Tuesday, five tables: first prize, Simon, 167; second, Linda, 153; third, Georgina, 143; door prize, Andy; 50/50, Glenn. Next bid euchre is Thursday at 1:30 pm.

On Wednesday evening after cribbage, Cal and I drove to Little Current, had a pretty young waitress named Hailey who waited on us at Elliott’s Restaurant (it is still Elliott’s?).

On Thursday I took in the rummage sale at Knox. They sure get a lot of stuff to check out. The girls are always so friendly. After I shopped a bit I did surprise Helen Oswald with a short visit. She’s been having her issues. Dorothy Cronk took Bev Lynch for her eye appointment, hopefully improved conditions, I did the euchre in her stead Thursday evening.

Today Mum’s in the hospital, Susan and Pauline were up in the day on Friday. Sherry, Tara and Skylar came along. We went to Grill and Chill for supper. Tara drove my van home through the dark and stormy night! It was laughable but I could hardly get in the van on the apposite side?

Thursday Euchre, a bit of fun: ladies’ high, Sheila, 97, six lone hands; low, Marg, 46; men’s high, Simon, 85 and four lone hands, won on a cut against Janet who was low 58; Simon won the door prize; K.P. duty, Anna Orford, Janet Dunn and Lois, thanks girls.

Cribbage, 6 and 3/4 tables: high hand, Bill McGregor, 22; first, Janet and Marg McC, 946; second, Cal and I, 937; third, Dorothy and Brad, 920; low, Dolly and Sheila, 743; door, Gib, Dorothy C, Ruth McG, Roger. Roger introduced himself to me at the Hall; he’s representing health and safety for the township.

I went with Betty, Lydia, Laura to Luc’s Pizza in Little Current for our Red Hat outing. The other Southern Belles, Carolyn, Joan and Jeanine joined us. We all enjoyed the lunch. Then we were invited to Fred and Carolyn’s lovely apartment (Fred was in Tehkummah) for dessert, chocolate cake or pumpkin pie with whipped cream. While we were there Carolyn got some sad news that her sister in law, Mary Lou Phillips had passed away, sympathy to all the family.

Mum worked with Mary Lou at Timber Lane, years ago. I guess we are cousins twice removed. Does that make us third? I never can figure that out.

Popped into the hospital, Mum was doing well, pretty chipper and wide-awake tonight. Things are going well. Cal and I then went to play cards with Gib and Florence. The girls won three, and then it went to bad! But the guys wouldn’t play after they skunked us! We had supper at Carol’s and Earl’s, Reg and Noreen joined us, then Betty Jean and Bill, we had a great visit!

I guess I can take the frying pan off the stove. Ray’s back from the hunt, I don’t see a moose rack or heels sticking out of the truck (Saturday).

I just stopped in at the Hall. Grant had made a beautiful big cake with a picture of a much younger Elnora Sagle who, on Saturday, was celebrating her 90th birthday. They were opening gifts and cards. I had missed the main event, where even the honoured guest sang a few songs. There was a wonderful array of squares and food that a large crowd had already sampled. I was all family left so it seemed. It looked like a super event. Congratulations, Elnora.

I guess not a long enough time to advertise. Not a whole lot of folks from Eugene Manitowabi’s appreciation show here for the folks of Tehkummah who he claims have been good to him. I know he has been entertaining for years, loads of charitable shows too, always available. I can remember years ago at our garage the guys having a jam session, usually a Saturday night, back when Rick Almont had the Trash and Treasure too.

There was a celebration and tribute to Linda Bowerman’s, from Little Current, birthday. Eugene’s granddaughter Isabella sold cupcakes, squares and desserts, the canteen was open.

His band, Urban Majaki, guitar; Ben Lentir, song and guitar; Roger Daybutch, famous in his own right it seemed, voice and guitar; Chicken George’s son Daniel (Shining Wings?) is just getting back into drumming (he’s great), guest drummer; Tim Shaw, guest singer Glen McDougall. We also got a preview of the song he’ll be singing as he entertains next weekend when he will be recognized into the Northern Opry Hall of Fame? Edith Clark won the 50/50; the music was just wonderful. Oh yeah, the soundman was Wikwemikong’s chief, Duke Peltier.

Aren’t the wild pear trees pretty this fall? I can’t believe there are so many of them now. Do they produce (across from H.H Manitowaning.) Someone must have killed the wolf I use to see last year, so much nearer to town. Some amazing cloud formations (snow?) and apricot/peach skylines lately (evenings.) Sandhill Cranes, hundreds, Scotts or McGraths. From no wild geese to flocks again, maybe they’re coming back? Watch for deer, I’m talking to drivers, not hunters!

Hey I bought some extra raisin, raisin bran, bowl #1, 1 raisin; bowl #2, 2 raisins; bowl # 3, 3 raisins. Things are looking up, can’t wait for tomorrow’s count.

Hello friends, have a good week.

Another week gone by, tonight clear sky and a million stars.

We met a whole lot of doctors from Norway who are checking out some stuff in Sudbury tomorrow, I think. The informative one was Ingrid; I would have liked to chat longer. Sounded like they were only going to be in the north for a week. They too live in the northern and rural areas.

We visited Mum at the hospital-she loved the nurse. Ruth Hill, she said was so kind and nice to her. She sure was friendly and so busy. We played cards again with Gib and Florence, pretty equal tonight. We also shared table space earlier at Carol’s and Earl’s said hello to Elva and Gary Strain who I haven’t seen for ages.

Today our church held a healing service Frankinscene and Myrrh. I can still smell the perfume touching.

Hey this is the count down. The Fairview United Church Senior Christmas Tea and Bazaar Bake Sale. Draws, come on down! Saturday, November 4, 2 pm.