Tehkummah Talk & Times

I don’t imagine there are too many folks out there who can say they’ve had their mother for 81 years. So, I guess, I am one of the lucky ones. Talking to Audrie Williamson yesterday, she said she never knew hers. Mum and I have been down a lot of roads together. It probably would have been different, if she had learned to drive, but Dad passed away in 1969. So, we sang our way to her jobs of work “cooking.” She had lots of practice raising seven kids, so she was “pretty good” at it. Timberlane Camp and Northernaire were lucky to have her all those working years. She started out at Merritt’s, South Baymouth, then Buckhorn. More general work there, Mum always sang or hummed as she worked. We all grew up with a love for music, and were quite the celebrities in our own right as the Famous “McCauley Sisters,” a singing group of five, during our school years. We used to get her to sing sad songs, over again, promising we wouldn’t cry, but always a promise we couldn’t keep like “Old Shep” and “Letter Edged in Black.” Mum, as a letter writer, always enclosed one in every receipt at the end of the year. (She was church treasurer, 21 years.) I didn’t get one in mine one year, so, I returned my receipt until. So many people did appreciate her letters, and will sure miss hearing from her. I don’t have the vanity, she always liked to have her hair done before she could meet the public, and loved the nice clothes and perfume (spraying her ironing, she loved to iron.) (What is an iron?) Her falls made her famous in our eyes anyway, for we got a lot of mileage out of the many different stories of “incidents” and she had a lot of stories to tell, what a life.

November 10, 2017, 4:15 am: It’s official!! The snow plow just made the first pass of the season. The past few days have seemed like a week, there has been so much crammed into them, in a kind of way.

November 12, 2017: I might have missed a prior pass, but 9:30 am the snow plow passed Sherry and Dave’s and woke me up! I’ve spent a couple of nights here with my family, Kim, Kathy and Kirby who left for home after the Saturday events. A little over five hours to Clarksburg. They got out of the snow at French River, so the tracking was good. Joe and Julie, Mitch and Christa were heading Mattawa way then to Toronto. (Nancy’s family.) I was so glad to see that part of our family represented. Some of them were welcoming a new little great-nephew as of Friday. There were so many wonderful family members, I can’t start naming, as I know I’ll miss some of them!

We played Tiki Friday night until one; Saturday night it was Sequence until one; Saturday morning we were awakened to the news that cousin Dodds had taken a stroke, so the girls went and sat with her until her niece Joanie Sheppard came to stay with her. The rest of the family being in Sudbury. The since report is encouraging. Get well soon Dodds.

Susan, Pauline, Tara and Paula were with Joan when I got there, this girl stayed alone all night with her worries not wanting to trouble us, but what is family for, I ask you!

Of course, we were not long leaving when Joanie got there, as we had to get ready for the Memorial Service. Tribute to Mum’s life, and what a tribute it was. Martin did the eulogy/service. Sherry read the grandkids memories, not long/ touching/cute and a couple of personal observations. Kim did a song that Mum liked. A couple of Jim Reeves songs (her favourite singer, Jeff and Modern-day music sound Bose? ‘In the Garden’ by the congregation and Mums’ most favourite “Old Rugged Cross.” Martin did a graveside prayer, that place is even cold in the summertime, then we all met back at the Hall where the celebration of her life continued with music by George, Gordy, Lyle, Norm, Lori and Kim. It gave the band a chance to eat while they entertained a bit. The food provided by the Triangle Club was so welcome, as most folk missed lunch. We would like to thank everyone who made this tribute to Mum’s life a much easier day for us. We were so blessed to have her, the many years we did. And it was very obvious by the folks and lovely comments what an influence and impact she had made on so many lives, over these years. Mum, Momma Jean, Ma Jean, Grandma Jean, Aunt Jean. It kind of encompassed a very extended family far beyond our own, so with gratitude I personally thank you for your words, and your caring. God bless.

Susan held an open house Friday evening. Chris, Tricia and Danielle food preparers and organizers, wonderful. Saturday even more she said, we went to Sherry’s had soup and bunwiches, Pauline and Wayne had a houseful of family as well. This week recovery? Ahead of the annual hunt!

Sunday, Susan came to Sherry and Dave’s and had a nap on one couch, Derek the other, Sherry in the chair, Jodi and I visited and chatted. Sherry woke, went to apple her deer stand. Pauline and Wayne came in, we sat in the kitchen until the sleepy folk awoke. Sherry returned, then Dave, we went to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper. Simon too, his supper was free, kind of? The most wonderful thing is being part of this family and sharing the good times, or is it the sad times, and making it better with our togetherness and the stories, memories and laughter as well as the tears. Lance and Theresa from Toronto; Peg and Glen from Guelph, Christine, Dave and family; Anita, Alicia and Dammy, Sudbury; Steve, Gail, William, Sara and Glen from Mulmur; Wayne and Lisa, Callie from Kitchener; Pennie and Roslyn from Toronto; Jeff, Brooke and Rob, Sudbury; Peter, Leanne, Ava Jean and Leah, Waterloo; Paula, Sean, Brandon, Ottawa; Mickey and Family, Sudbury. Dodds and Jovette, Toronto.

I woke up this morning singing, 2:30 am, Nobody’s child, perhaps it was because last night Susan said she’ll no longer be saying “Oh you kids,” I guess we’re orphans!

Happy belated birthday to my nephew Peter. His birthday was November 8.

Ray’s Mum Marg Reckahn came from Elliot Lake just for the funeral. Robin Ashley McNaughton celebrates her 9 birthdays on Saturday, November 11. Prior to the day (Remembrance) at the Hall on Saturday morning. Martin and Lynda came to Joan’s too, to offer comfort and prayer for Dodds and us all.

My cat just came down the hallway crying, she brought me a little snack. I’ll have to start up the trap line again. Thank goodness, she decided she’d have it!

Congratulations Draper Family, grandparents Nancy and John, looks like you may be a bit busy, Emily and Ian. Double the pleasure, double the fun! Double the diapers and bottles? So run! Hey, the annual Turkey supper at the hall on Saturday, already yet!