Tehkummah Talk & Times

“What is it?”

Sometimes when I think

I have it all figured out

The stories we live

And what love’s all about,

A cloudy horizon

Will mar up my view.

I have to rethink,

Do a new overview.

There is love without taking,


There is love for your neighbour

And for your family,

Love for all nature

And beauty as well.

Love for your homeland

And some love to sell,

There is love overflowing

When your heart’s due to burst

And a lost love is often

Fit to be cursed.

“What is it?”

There’s the love of our God

Who holds us in His hand

Compassionate love

That says we understand.

How can we describe it?

Do we have a choice?

But to sing of God’s love

When we raise up our voice.

March 04, 2017

Pat Hall

I cannot count the number of times I have been strengthened and so encouraged by your love and support I am truly blessed, and so grateful.

Monday- today at Mum’s apartment Susan opened the Captain Morgan playing cards. We had a few games of cribbage. I won two of three, then my luck continued on at Bingo. I took a good luck charm, a miniature Valentine card I had given Mum years back. I had made a pot of soup earlier in the day, and took a bowlful for Susan’s supper.

I don’t know who bent the sign post at the corner, obviously he/she didn’t stop until they hit it. But I think they’d have to get out to read it (wrong side). It said Stop and they did.

“If you think you have someone eating out of your hand, don’t forget to count your fingers!” I’m enjoying my “clearer” view. Thanks, Ray and Dave.

Well, on my way home from Espanola Tuesday, I just happened to drive to the harbour. What a show of rollers, froth and foam crashing against the breakway, a beautiful misty spray sifted over to the ferry dock region. It’s quite surprising the size of the boulders it lifts up there onto the tarmac, as well. The seagulls were finding treats on the foamy surface. The aqua sky painted with dark clouds, trimmed with bright coral and gold was quite the setting. I stopped in for a cup of tea with Cal. He said he and Eugene had been to see the seas earlier. The wind gave the van a few good lifts on my journey, only Islanders spotted, Pat and John Novak at the GT Boutique.

I had tea at the neighbours before bedtime.

Hey, Doug Heis, how’re ya doin? Hope you’re feeling better.

Happy birthday this week to Laura Scott.

Cribbage was a little light, I’m guessing because of the snow squalls, here and there different reports from different areas. When I went to set up at 10 after 12 not a snowflake in sight, but by 1:30 they had made themselves known (well). First, Janet and Glenn, 955; second, Patrysha and Laura, 936; third, Graham and Sheila, 909; low, Betty Jean and Mary, 848; door, Dorothy, Margaret McC, Betty Jean; high hand, Margaret McC, 24.

Bid euchre on Thursday afternoon, five tables. Next week will be the last until the new year! And they are doing a Christmas special lunch afterwards: high, Janet, 235; second, Lyla, 220; third, Glenn, 213; low, Donna, 62; door, Marg Case; draw prize, John Novak.

Congratulations to Carol Binm of Nobleton who won the afghan last week. She was with the antique car folks when they were in our area.

Tonight, after Bid Euchre I drove to Mindemoya. Had my supper up there, toured the streets looking at Christmas! Does “candy cane lane” get better each year or is it my imagination? I made three passes and one still doesn’t get to see it all. I miss the park! I guess the big wind damaged Betty Jean’s big Santa even if it wasn’t blown up. Pretty wild few days here.

Saw lots of Hydro guys working on my travel day.

Sherry and Dave are in Sudbury tonight. Dave was getting an eye done today. So, hope all goes well with that. Bev’s had lots of problems with her eyes lately, and Cal went to Sudbury Wednesday for his needle in, went with his brother Lyle. Sounded like the roads were bad on the trip over.

Can’t believe it’s 24 years, December 10, that my brother Peter passed away. Pancreatic and liver cancer. Still miss him, seems like yesterday. So much water.

Tonight, I’m singing songs from the old “Women’s Institute Song Book,” one of my Mum’s treasures, $0.35 it cost. I’ve gone through a bunch of songs too, she had written out. Cal was in for a bit, brought me some tasty fish he had cooked, it hadn’t been too long since I was home. I’d had delicious spaghetti supper with Lori and Rick. In the afternoon, we went through a lot of Christmas music, Lori getting ready for the carol sing at the Museum on Sunday. It was nice to visit too, Zoe as well. She’s a cute dog. A beautiful Sunday kept appearing through the clouds as I watched from their window.

Saturday night! What a delicious turkey dinner at the Hall for the Triangle Club members and their faithful musicians “The Manitouliners.” The chairs were full. George Williamson won the huge Poinsettia donated by Jenna Wood. Robbie sang a few Christmas carols, after helping serve up the wonderful fare prepared by Denise and her girls! Thanks so much.

After dinner, Cal and I visited Sherry and Dave just checking on the guy with new eyesight. The other will be done in early January 2018.

Tonight too, I hear Betty Lentir is in hospital, as well as Bev Lynch. Hope all is well soon folks.

Sunday (actually Monday 1:30 am) I don’t sleep well, so I read or write, kind of a busy day. Most definitely snow, about 8” snow to wade through. Church in the morning, snow had deterred some, I’m sure, white gift (food bank basket) sermon.

Love the season’s songs.

Christmas Eve service will be our regular service time, here at Fairview, 11:30 am Sunday morning. Immediately after church, I went in to the Little Schoolhouse Museum’s Christmas Carol sing-a-long, an annual event.

They had some delicious snacks, foods, desserts and refreshments. Lori Gordon led the sing-a-long. They had four draws. The winners: the wreath, Laura Greenough, fancy bowl basket; Anna Lewis, Kitchen basket; table cloth, cook books basket, me. Loretta’s name came out but she gave us a second chance. Brenda made a special trip from Sudbury for this event; she stayed with Jeanette a couple of days.

My cousin Bunny Laird phoned me from Vancouver in the evening, Cal called later.