Thanks offered by Manitowaning to neighbours

“Sustained fire here in ‘Twang paralyzed us”

To the Expositor:

Sunday’s (January 14) catastrophic electrical substation fire here in ‘Twang paralyzed us for approximately 16 hours. Many were cold, hungry, concerned, and tired from stress. Wikwemikoong website (accessible throughout this event) indicated an unprecedented message and action from this unceded community (since I have witnessed since emigrating from the south). More than generous offers poured in from fellow citizens and indeed tribal council to share their good fortunes provided by responsible preparation to deal with such natural misfortunes. A “warming station,” indeed lodging, an open menu consisting of delicious fish and turkey, coffee, etc. were offered up to Wiky citizens, eventually those of Manitowaning as well.

Many thanks to those of this neighbourly gesture. I am sure repayment of same, in kind, shall be an appropriate reciprocal move from Assiginack.

Michael R. White