The government giveth with one hand and taketh with the other

To the Expositor:

The government is banning single use plastic bags, with meaning that citizens have to buy reusable plastic bags, but citizens are struggling with their incomes. But I heard the government is increasing old age pensions, but it is only for people over the age of 75 or older when it should be for everybody who receives old age pension. This is one of their dirty tricks again because I know all of the government’s dirty tricks that are used against citizens. They will continue to do that. I have said it before, I know the government like the back of my hand with all its dirty tricks because corporate and high-tech companies need their taxes to be increased by at least 30 o 40 percent and pay part of their share instead of forcing ordinary citizens to pay more when they just do not have the money to pay more. Maybe we have to get rid of these rich people or find a way to get them because it can be done, if we set our minds to it. I think it is the only way to solve our problems that they are just getting too greedy. They are just thinking about their own well-being instead of others because it is time to get very serious about this. Citizens are struggling and this damn government is not doing anything to help. It’s not enough if he is trying to help.

Ronald Osawabine