The little things add up to make a big difference

Kudos to The Expositor’s own Eco-Hero columnists

To the Expositor:

Kudos to Daphne Carr and Anika Smith for another very informative article in their Eco-Hero column (‘Sinking Carbon,’ March 30, 2022). You have me thinking about what I can do to help protect and restore our natural opportunities to keep carbon locked up or “sequestered” in the ground and in the ocean. 

Since our boreal wetlands contain large amounts of peat that store carbon, I’ll look for gardening products that don’t include peat or sphagnum moss that has been mined from these precious wetlands. And because deforestation is another way carbon is released into the atmosphere, I can look for ways to limit my use of paper and wood products, and—as you suggest—plant some trees as well as nurture the trees that already live on my property. When it comes to keeping plastics out of our oceans, I can look for ways to eliminate my use of plastic and, if I can’t avoid using it, make sure it is properly recycled.

As you say: “Ecosystems that store carbon need protection” and “a difference is a difference.” A lot of little things add up to big things and may indeed “encourage others to do the same.”

Michele Litster

Gore Bay