Thoughts on the report on Tim Hortons traffic issues

To the Expositor:

In regards to the May 18 Town of NEMI agenda, New Business 7.1, the Toivu report on traffic issues, I wish to offer my thoughts. 

Currently, sketch A of that report suggests that the northbound parking lane between Draper and Blake streets be converted into a travel lane in order to ease some traffic concerns around the Tim Hortons entrance. For now, the Town of NEMI supports this as the best option, although eliminating the parking lane on the highway will increase the parking of large vehicles on Draper (and maybe Blake). Solutions to the current problem that increase traffic and parking on Draper and Blake should not be undertaken due to school safety.  

I am aware that discussion is also ongoing about sketch C, which is a new turning lane (fourth lane) that would cut significantly into the pedestrian area between Blake Street and the Tim’s entrance.

Sketch C must not be considered. The tapering will remove one sidewalk altogether, and effectively render useless and dangerous the remnants of the other, especially at the point of entry to Tim Hortons. It would also be unfair for the rest of NEMI, including business owners that directly compete, for such an economic advantage to be awarded to Tim Hortons. I look forward to a full and transparent process prior to any work being announced.

I have also noticed that with the nice weather finally upon us, parking on Draper Street can become a nightmare. Drivers habitually ignore the no parking signs beside Tim Hortons (where a new sidewalk is planned), and when those spots are full, some motorists choose to park entirely on the street. Sometimes they are on or blocking the existing sidewalk from the highway. We could prepare a photo journal to support this, although we can only anticipate the grief this will cause us as we work to protect our neighbourhood. This situation will only continue to worsen as the tourist season opens.

Neighbours share our concern that Tim Hortons has yet to install bushes or hedges to shield us from their noise and lighting (most disconcerting at night as headlights point directly into our homes).


Zak Nicholls

Little Current