A Tim Hortons should not be allowed on Manitoulin

If one food franchise is allowed to come—others will soon follow

To the Expositor:

I consider myself very close to being a Haweater, as both of my parents were born on the Manitoulin and I am one more person who would not like to see Tim Hortons come to the Manitoulin or, for that matter, any other franchise business. If one fast food restaurant franchise is allowed to come to the Manitoulin, then other franchises will soon be following.

I have nothing against Tim Hortons which serves a purpose in the larger centres; however such a happening on the Island would certainly change the Manitoulin forever. The Island would have lost some of that very special inviting characteristic that it has for drawing people to it.

I have always enjoyed visiting the Manitoulin’s local establishments on my many stays on the Island; which started long before Tims ever originated.  Why spoil the Island’s uniqueness?

Just had to vent my feelings.


Marie (Sim) Lecappelain

North Bay and Manitoulin