Time has come for mandatory registration of all hunters in units

At the end of the season or in early January a public report should be made public

To the Expositor:

It’s time for a moose and deer registration program in this province as it seems the MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) has no clue as to the amount of moose and deer harvested in this province. We have to have a mandatory physical registration for all hunters, both Native and non-Native, as to what deer management unit they are hunting.

Also here on the Manitoulin, the name of the township should be named with all hunters registered with check stations set up to check in your deer with in 48 hours of harvesting them. We have no moose or deer management system in this province, just people management. For example, would a farmer load a transport with cattle and not know how many are in the truck? I think not, this is called management.

This type of program has been in place in the US and it works very well. At the end of the hunting season or early January a report could be made public.  

With this information the MNRF and the government of Ontario would know how many moose and deer were harvested.  Then maybe the MNRF could come up with a management program that will manage our moose and deer herds and not hunters. 

Robert Lewis

South Baymouth