Trustee thanks school administrators and parent councils

To the Expositor:

I feel I have a compulsion to once again put pen to paper as an individual trustee from Manitoulin Island. To be perfectly clear, I am not speaking on behalf of the Rainbow District School Board.

Parents and stakeholders across Ontario are aware that day-to-day activities are not exactly the same at this time. Are there various unresolved issues? Yes!

I wish to point out a phrase, as the police do quite often when attributing the state of well being in a community, “The health of a community is directly proportionate to the support of its community members.” For my letter, I wish to include mostly community members, and as well school staff and its students. In that method of measuring, we, the school community, excel/rise above the crowd and I speak to the Manitoulin Island which I know best and serve.

This goes without saying as well, this would all come to an end abruptly if it wasn’t for our principals, vice principals, and community members, parent councils, filling in and monitoring the requirements of our kids where needed at times. So, on my own personal evaluation, hats off to our school administration and I encourage everyone to pause for a moment, give not only yourselves a pat on the back and I hasten to point out how lucky we are for such tremendous administrative personnel and their staff.

Larry Killens, trustee
South Baymouth