Wiikwemkoong checkpoint lifted effective Tuesday, June 9

WIIKWEMKOONG–Wiikwemkoong chief and council approved the lifting of its travel restriction and wellbeing checkpoints after midnight tonight, Monday, June 8 following a special meeting held Monday afternoon. Earlier today, M’Chigeeng First Nation also decommissioned its highway checkpoints, choosing to instead block off its side streets from the travelling public.

Wiikwemkoong initiated its checkpoint, located along Wikwemikong Way, on April 9.

“This checkpoint could be reinitiated should there be a case in the community,” Wiikwemkoong Ogimaa Duke Peltier said in a Facebook live broadcast Monday evening. “This is an approach that is effective and has been effective in limiting any potential outbreak in Wiikwemkoong.”

Ogimaa Peltier asked everyone to continue to shop local. “The local businesses in Wiikwemkoong and Manitoulin have stepped up,” he said. “…Those businesses need to be congratulated and supported.”

Ogimaa Peltier went onto say that Wiikwemkoong’s leadership is not recommending any travel outside of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin “and especially, we don’t recommend travelling to where cases are still active.”

Ogimaa Peltier asked the public to continue to physical distance themselves and follow public health guidelines until a vaccine is found.

“Let’s do our part and take care of all our loved ones,” he urged. “Thanks everyone for doing their part, but now it’s up to you as an individual to continue protecting your loved ones, keeping your households safe. I do want to say again, chi miigwetch to everyone.”

The ogimaa encouraged community members to reach out to either the Wiikwemkoong Health Centre or to band administrative staff for guidance and recommendations if out-of-district travel is necessary.

The community remains under a state of emergency.