Writer calls for Pet Save donations

To the Expositor:

This letter is being written with many thanks to Pet Save Manitoulin and The Manitoulin Extra which is published weekly and features available dogs and cats for adoption. Without this paper we would not have known about a beautiful boxer named Harmony who we recently adopted into our pack of now four dogs.

She is our second rescue and has been totally accepted by our pack. We highly recommend rescue and adoption as every animal deserves to be loved and in a permanent home. To Deb and Loni, thank you for all your dedication and devotion to all who come into your care. To everyone else involved with Pet Save we want to thank you too!

To whoever is reading this letter, please, when you see those jars for Pet Save in and around your community, please give a donation if you can. I really don’t think there has been a time when the animals needed us more.


Bev and Richard Lynch