Writer congratulates protestors

To the Expositor:

I want to congratulate the protestors for standing up for their rights against the government and it’s about time because this Bill C-45 is just going to destroy everything; the land itself and the rights of people and this will affect everybody, not just the aboriginals, because all of your rights are being taken away as human beings and this Harper government is just abusing his powers.

Also, the law and the Queen are in on this. All the laws of Canada are being broken because of Bill C-45 and the Harper government came up with ways of breaking those laws of Canada and they probably did it by meetings behind closed doors without anybody’s knowledge or consultation with government officials. That’s against the law because as a prime minister you do not have the power to do as you please, because they have to do a lot of consultation with other leadership in this country before a bill can be put through and also it has to be brought through the citizens so they know what’s going on. That’s what you call honesty and you do not order citizens around—that would be a dictatorship and that’s also against the law. This is a free country because aboriginals signed that treaty in good faith and it has to be kept.

Citizens do have the power to fire the Harper government because we gave him the power and we also have the power to take it back and get a new leader and hopefully someone who is fair with some honesty because we can not be perfect either, we are only humans.

Ron Osawabine