Writings on the Wall

by Aurora Ominika-Enosse

Our school officially has its own school newspaper! It’s very exciting and a very good way for students to know what’s going on. The creators of our school newspaper are Andrea Letander-Trudeau and Tammy Fox, both in Grade 12. When I sat down and talked to them, they told me that The Manitoulin Expositor had inspired them to create their own school’s newspaper. Another reason they decided to do this was because our school recently changed our name from Wasse-Abin High School to the Wikwemikong High School. I asked them what steps they took to make this newspaper and it is fairly simple. Letander and Fox had to get the okay from Principle Staruck and then find Ms. Balen and ask her for help to get them started. Some teachers were worried it’d be inappropriate, but it was far from that. Some things included in the first edition of the school’s newspaper was an introduction to the newspaper, an article about the Outside Looking In program and a teacher of the month (Which is Marcel Recollet, congratulations!). They also had a “did you know” section and a fun crossword game. Andrea says that she thinks it was pretty cool that they came up with an idea like this. Now that they’ve printed out the first edition, they both said that they feel accomplished. The students really liked the idea of having a school newspaper that they even requested to read it during their silent reading time. Letander and Fox, both graduating this year, wish they came up with this idea sooner, but are glad they did it anyways. They both hope that someone will take on the role of the school newspaper next year, that it stays around awhile, and that it becomes a weekly or monthly newspaper.

We officially have school sweaters to sell now! They come in nine different colours and they are Nike Therma-Fit Hoodies. Each hoodie say “Property of Warriors Athletics” on them.

The archery team is in Toronto on the 12th and 13th to compete against other schools. Good luck to everybody on the team!

Graduates who are attending University or College in the fall should attend the lunch n’ learn on May 7, May 21and June 1. Each date has a different workshop.

The Outside Looking in Program is officially gone away until the 15th. Everyone will be training hard everyday until their final performance. Have fun OILers!

Tennis and golf are officially starting up. I encourage students to sign up. High school is a good time to make some memories and maybe these teams could give you some great memories!

That’s all I have for you everybody! Hope you enjoyed this week’s article, and I most certainly hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week and a good weekend!