Zhiibaahaasing First Nation heads to the polls on Sept. 5

ZHIIBAAHAASING—Ogimaa Irene Kells has been acclaimed as chief of the Zhiibaahaasing First Nation in the band elections slated for September 5, while there are seven candidates vying for the three seats at the council table.

Candidates for band council include: Christine Bigras, Carl Antoine, Melody Antoine, Charlene Sagon, Kevin Mossip (incumbent), Bobbi Sue Kells-Riberdy (incumbent) and Crystal Sagon (incumbent).

Election polls will open on Wednesday, September 5 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Zhiibaahaasing Complex. All Zhiibaahaasing members that are eligible to vote require a valid status card or piece of identification; for call in voters, please call (705)283-1089. For more information regarding the election please call the Zhiibaahaasing First Nation Administration building during business hours (705)283-3963, Electoral Officer Dan Simon at (705) 282 4401 or by email to dansimion2727@gmail.com.