2017 Kenjgewin Teg Snowflake Gala raises $15,000 for students 

The 2017 Snowflake Gala attending donors, from left, are Beverley Roy-Carter (BJ Corbiere Memorial Bursary); Dawn Madahbee-Leach (Waubetek Business Development Corporation); Valita Lloyd (Cambrian College); Jeanne Loiselle and Don Simoneau (Urban Windows and Doors); Hazel Recollet (United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising); Glen Corbiere (Kim Corbiere Mino Bmaadziwin Memorial Bursary); Stephanie Roy, executive director of Kenjgeiwn Teg; Dan (Laari Construction), Joel Narvudd (Laari Construction); Judy Manitowabi (Canadore College); Keith Welsh (Laari Construction); Summer Majeski (Colliers Project Leaders); Carolyn Hepburn (Sault College); Debbie Debassige, Little NHL. Kenjgewin Teg thanks all other donors who contributed to this year’s fundraising event but who were not present for above photo.  photo by Vance Wood

M’CHIGEENG— Kenjgewin Teg is pleased to share the exciting news that its 10th annual 2017 Snowflake Gala fundraising event held on December 2, at the M’Chigeeng Community Complex has not only met its fundraising goals but that the original goal of $10,000 has been greatly exceeded.

“The ongoing support of our partners in education and the Mnidoo Mnising Island communities amaze us each year when we host the Snowflake Gala event!” enthused Stephanie Roy, executive director of Kenjgewin Teg. 

Snowflake Gala 2017 is now down in the history books as the most successful fundraising gala event in its 10 years, all in support of helping students of Mnidoo Mnising succeed in achieving their educational goals. It is this milestone year of 2017 that also had Kenjgewin Teg thoughtfully reflecting on this pre-holiday event, with many members of the organizing committee reminiscing once everyone was back in office last week, knowing the hard part of the work was over for yet another year. 

In recognition and reviewing the successes (and some of the challenges too) of the 10th anniversary gala event, the Kenjgewin Teg staff organizing committee and staff took some time to think about the past decade and the committed effort it has taken to pull together a community event of this size. Beverley Roy-Carter, director of post secondary education and training at Kengjewin Teg, who has been a part of the Kenjgewin Teg organizing gala committee for many years, commented, “I’m always both amazed and at the same time, yes very much relieved, after each gala event is over knowing our 300 plus guests have had a great (and safe) evening out. I’m also very appreciative to all our amazing Kenjgewin Teg team members over the past 10 years who have put forth tremendous effort and dedication to make each year’s event successful. Ten years later, I still marvel at how our team/staff decorators somehow manage to make a community complex turn into a special pre-holiday event in a matter of a couple of days and nights!” 

It is with all these past reflections in mind that Kenjgewin Teg wishes to share with the Manitoulin community that the year 2017 officially represents the last and final year for hosting the Kenjgewin Teg Snowflake Gala, as it’s known in its current form.

“The past 10 years have been amazing with the kindness and generosity of the Island communities and Kenjgewin Teg is tremendously grateful for the community support received over the years; we want everyone to know that the simple gesture of just buying a gala ticket every year and being our guest have made tremendous impacts on the lives of many students,” Ms. Roy said. “Perhaps without knowing it, all our gala guests over the decade have directly and positively assisted many students reach and celebrate their graduation day.”

In making the decision that 2017 would be the last Snowflake Gala hosted by Kenjgewin Teg, the organizing committee had a few laughs and shared good memories as they reminisced over the many tribute entertainment acts and solo musicians/artists the Island community has enjoyed over the past decade.

“Who can forget some of the tribute entertainment acts like Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, the Beatles and Credence Clearwater Revival? And certainly, the Gala would not be the ‘Gala,’ as we’ve come to know it, without the DJ talents of Blake Debassige every year?” Ms. Roy commented.

While the Snowflake Gala event may now have officially come to an end, this doesn’t, however, mean that fundraising efforts for students will come to an end. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With a great success in sponsored student bursaries in 2017, Kenjgewin Teg has decided to build on this success by striving and setting even higher student fundraising goals by creating new and creative activities and events in the years to come. With one decade coming to an end, the next decade represents the start of something new.

“Kenjgewin Teg looks forward to your continued support!” Ms. Roy concluded.