A rebuttal to the open letter on herbicide spraying

An offer proffered for an official response based on science and research

To the Expositor:

Regarding ‘An open letter to the Minister of Transport on herbicide spraying,’ December 6, Page 5.

The Ministry of Transportation is simply being socially responsible in this instance. Herbicide spraying is used to control harmful invasive species which harm our environment or impact the safety of our infrastructure. It is typically not the first option but only used when it is the best option in an integrated pest management plan. It’s disappointing that someone’s uneducated opinion would be posted on your site without any research into the subject to verify the case.

If you would like to post an official response to this based on science, and research, I’m sure I could connect you to the right individual or group.

I am from the vegetation management industry and my opinion could be viewed as biased, but the science does not lie and leave room for opinions.


Jon Froese, director

Univar Environmental Sciences

EDITOR’S NOTE: Univar Environmantal Sciences’ website declares the company to be “the leading chemical distributor in North America.”