A Christmas lights display not to be missed!

Amazing Christmas lights display! The Brad MacKay and family Christmas lights and decorations display in Kagawong is something that everyone who wants to get into the spirit of the season needs to see.

KAGAWONG – It is certainly a lot of work; putting up as many Christmas lights and displays as Brad MacKay (also known as Clark Griswold of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation fame) does every year on his house and property is time consuming. 

However, “every year when I start out I always think ‘this is too much work, why am I doing this’?” Mr. MacKay told the Recorder. “But then when we get messages and thank yous from people and you hear the excitement in their voice about the display it makes it all worthwhile.” 

This year’s incredible display of lights and decorations includes a total of about 30,000 lights, Mr. MacKay told the Recorder. “We have added a little bit more from last year; this year we have a display of an ice flow with penguins on it. We’ve never had penguins in our display before.”

“And we have a large blue heart on display to support all our first response people,” said Mr. MacKay, who pointed out the display was set up as of December 1 and “we have already had people coming by to look at the display.”

In this world of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. MacKay said, “it has really been hard to get lights and pieces for displays. Manufacturers and stores have been out of stock and it has been hard to get the lights and other display stuff I normally buy in the summer.”

The Christmas lights at the MacKay house on Hideaway Lodge Road in Kagawong go on daily at 5 pm and stay on until 10 pm throughout the month of December.

If you want to see a great Christmas lights and decoration display, or if you are having difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit, bring the whole family down to the MacKays—sit back in your car or take a closer look at the lights and decorations and relax for awhile.

It truly is a Christmas lights display that no one should miss!