Happy 100th birthday, Maddie Becks!

Centenarian Maddie Becks accepts a bouquet of flowers during a special drive through birthday celebration in honour of her 100th birthday. Ms. Becks promised a party with “a lot of cake, ice cream and coffee” once the world gets back to normal.

MINDEMOYA – An incredible outpouring of love was shown for Maddie Becks, who celebrated her 100th birthday this past Tuesday, December 8, with a drive-through celebration held at Trinity United Church in Mindemoya.

“We love you Maddie,” was one of the messages that one of the birthday well wishers bade to Maddie as she stood outside her van with her daughter Gail Meehan and her granddaughter Diane Meehan on the big day.

Approximately 51 vehicles passed by, with people waving, greeting her with hellos and best wishes, cards, gifts, signs, and even an appearance by Jim Smith who played ‘Happy Birthday’ on his saxophone. Maddie was absolutely delighted judging by the smile on her face as each person went by.

Maddie made a promise to everyone that although the COVID-19 pandemic meant everyone had to wear masks and physically distance, “once this world gets back to normal we are going to have a lot of cake, ice cream and coffee.” 

“I grew up on ice cream, after all,” Maddie, whose maiden name is Wagg, of Wagg’s Creamery fame, told the Recorder. 

Maddie told the Recorder near the end of the celebration, “I am just grateful to have turned 100, and for all the people that have showed up today. It was so nice.” She greeted everyone with a huge smile and with many of the people saying they wished they could hug her, Maddie did her own version of the pandemic hug.

“I just take it one day at a time,” Maddie told the Recorder last Friday. “When you reach 100 you either go or keep going,” she quipped.

In reaching this special birthday, Maddie said, “it helps to have had a mother that lived to be 97-and-a-half years old.”

“I was born and raised in Mindemoya and lived in a house that is located where Jake’s store is now in Mindemoya,” Maddie said. “There were no hospitals in those days; and the town was small, everyone knew each other. And everyone helped one another.”
Ms. Becks was the fifth of five children born to A.J. and Effie Heron Wagg. 

“I remember the United Church. It was built two years before I was born. And there used to be two services each Sunday. The church in those days was a main part of the community.” 

She mentioned proudly of how her father built and ran a creamery and a general store in Mindemoya.

Maddie and her husband Doug, had four children.