Another voice weighs in on Timmiegate

Islanders will vote at the cash register

To the Expositor:

I, not unlike any other honorary Haweater, is interested in the Tim Horton’s scare in Little Current.

Breaking a promise to myself not to comment on hot issues, well that would be copping out. Here it is!

This issue, to me, is not about coffee at all, not at all, rather it is about freedom of choice and of entrepreneurship.

I enjoy a Timmy’s once in a while, but when on the Island the service and the coffee when served up with the homegrown attention to service, i.e. conversation, welcoming personalities, cannot be beat. I say bring it on, Tim Horton’s, but before you do, I challenge you to visit our local existing coffee outlets around the Island and in Little Current. From what I hear on credible and reliable information, Tim Horton’s is turning to automated dispensers/self service of coffee and less counter service to compensate for another of Wynne’s personal agendas (minimum wage $14, soon to be $15) without consulting our local politicians or municipal voices as to the help or hindrance to workers/business this may or may not be.

So I, for one, say welcome to Manitoulin Tim Horton’s. If you survive it will only be on account of the locals who will cast their vote at the cash register, or in your case, the automated tellers.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth