Apologies mean nothing if not backed up with action

To the Expositor:

The premier did apologize to the First Nation citizens, but that apology means nothing.

Taxpayers are still on the hook for this and it’s going to come out of your budget and your taxes will probably skyrocket and hydro rates may go up and I was right again about these scandals. These leaders are criminals and they are always able to get away with scandals, even if they are breaking the law because they are legalizing themselves to do this.

Because of these scandals it will probably cost taxpayers are least $15 million or more and it’s not just the taxpayers who will pay for this, even the First Nations people will be affected by this because the government is dealing with corporations and industrial companies.

I believe it has to do a lot with conspiracies against the citizens because citizens are always on the losing end when something goes wrong and how long will the citizens stand for this kind of treatment from the government? This government is probably just laughing it off now and saying ‘well, it’s not our problem, it’s the citizens’ problem’ because this is how the government is running its business—they make mistakes and citizens bail them out.

Ron Osawabine