Artist sets the bell ringing straight

To the Expositor:

Many thanks for bringing back a memory from the past. Your photo in last week’s edition which showed a bell ringer with my name instead of Ivan Edwards. I have only pulled a rope once so many years ago and forgot to release my grip on the upswing which consequently pulled me right out of my second hand army boots!

And so, to all dedicated campanologists, a word of advice: keep your feet on the ground, your suspenders tight, and this special talent apealing.

Seasons greetings,
Ivan Wheale
Little Current

EDITOR’S NOTE: As Mr. Wheale points out, a photo caption with the story ‘Church bells herald 100th anniversary of bridge’s first swing’ (Page 16, The Manitoulin Expositor, November 20) incorrectly identified bell-ringer Ivan Edwards as Ivan Wheale.