Billings Township marina work nears completion

Work on the Small Craft Marina Basin in Kagawong is essentially complete as of late last week. The expansion and renovations include an additional 12 docking slips. PHOTO BY TODD GORDON

WESTERN MANITOULIN – While work on the Small Craft Basin marina in Kagawong is essentially complete, work is ongoing to install more docks toward the marina project in Gore Bay. And the latter work is expected to continue until the third week of November.

Mark Langille of Exp, based out of Sudbury, told the Recorder recently, “for the Small Craft Basin (Kagawong) we will be carrying out final inspection (on Thursday of last week). It’s very close to being completed.” 

Todd Gordon, economic development officer for Billings Township, told the Recorder last Friday, “we had a preliminary walk around and put a list together of the remaining work and deficiencies to be carried out. There’s not much to do, 95 percent-plus of the work is complete.”

“The project has gone very well,” said Mr. Gordon. Some of the work has included providing for 12 additional boat slips, while the layout of the docks and infrastructure has been changed to increase flexibility.

The next step in the overall marina project is “will have something more to do with the Aus Hunt Marina,” said Mr. Gordon. “We have plans, but at this time we are not sure of funding being provided. That project will not include expansion, but to update and renovate the main wharf which has been taking a beating from the high water levels.” 

As for the Gore Bay Marina project’s first phase, “new docks will be put in for docks three and four over the next week and a half,” said Mr. Langille. “Then the following week, the new docks should be installed on piers nine and 10 and that will wrap up the project.”

“The project should be complete by November 20,” said Mr. Langille, noting there may be final electrical work to be carried out next spring.