C.C. McLean Colts Going Strong!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Pizza! Yes, I said pizza. If you would like some pizza, you are in luck. The Grade 8s are selling Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits as a fundraiser. If you are pizza hungry contact a student in Grade 8 or call C.C. McLean before October 19. There is something for everyone-pizzas, breadsticks, and cookies!

A joke for you:

The pepperoni pizza said to the cheese pizza. “You wanna pizza of me, tough guy?” The cheese pizza said, “at least let me explain!”

Last week, on Friday, October 6, the Grade 8 class walked down to the Gore Bay Farmers’ Market for a cooking class led by Cody Leeson. The students made three different dishes: a wild rice and squash dish, a salad, and a  pumpkin and sunflower seed soup. The students were taught different cooking techniques, and flavours. They even got to peel, and cut the vegetables. Some vegetables they worked with were carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic and onions. The best part was that the students got to eat the food they made!

The Primary classes were very busy this past week. On Tuesday, October 10 the Primary classes had a presentation on fire safety. Students learned about how to be safe around fire, and ways to escape if a house is on fire.

On Wednesday, October 11, the Primary classes had bus safety presentations with the one and only “Buster the Bus!” Buster is a little bus that drives around the gym, and teaches students about bus safety. The Junior and Intermediate students also had a bus safety presentation. But unfortunately, not with Buster.

Also on Wednesday, October 11, the Grade 4 and 5/6 classes went to Kagawong with Manitoulin Streams to see salmon spawning at Bridal Veil Falls and learn about the waters of the Kagawong River and Lake Huron.

A few weeks ago the Gore Bay Fish and Game Club came to C.C. McLean to set up a fish hatchery in our fish tanks that is set up in the library for all classes to see. Also, the underwater camera and tripod arrived this week from the Staples contest that the school won last year. It will be used to record and document the life cycle of fish. The Grade 1, 4 and 5/6 classes will be working on a project, with the underwater camera used to create a YouTube channel to educate others on the life cycle of fish.

Yesterday, October 12, the students that were participating in cross-country travelled to Wikwemikong to compete in a cross-country event. Each student participating did very well. Next week, on October 19, participants will run again, at C.C. McLean.

Next Monday, October 16, the Grade 8 and Grade 1 class  will be travelling to Little Current Public School to learn about computer coding. The students will be learning about coding and will be coding different electronical devices.

Tuesday, October 17 will be a busy day for students of C.C. McLean. The bus patrollers training at Little Current Public School is taking place and so is ‘Free To Be Me’ conference in Espanola. The bus patrollers of C.C. McLean will travel to Little Current Public School (LCPS) for training in bus safety and bus patrollers duties. During the training session the bus patrollers do a practice bus evacuation ad write a test at the end of the day.

The “Free To Be” conference is also happening on the 17th. Interested students in Grade 7 and 8 will travel to Espanola High School for this event. Students will be participating in different workshops, and learning more about LGBTQ2+.

For the weekly information about the Grade 8s 21st century classroom I asked Mrs. Lockyer, “How have the students  adjusted to the 21st century classroom?” The answer to the question can simply be summed up like this, “the students seem to love it!”

The Grade 8 students are not afraid to jump in and explore a new app, or website. They are excited to hand in assignments and receive their marks electronically. The students love the classroom set-up and are always running into the classroom to pick their spot for the day. Each morning, the Grade 8 class have their “Morning Meeting” to talk about and reflect on things that are happening in and out of the classroom.

Joke of the week: What do you get when you put three ducks in a box?

A box of quackers.

Upcoming events include picture day, and cross-country.

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”