Lodge resident, employee recognized for ‘making a difference’

Shelley Honess, centre in photo, an employee at the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay, has been nominated as a finalist for a Roberta Jarlette Making a Difference Award.

GORE BAY—A resident and an employee of the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay have been recognized with an award and nomination, respectively, for making a difference in the lives of others.

“Shelley Honess, who has been working at the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home for 18 years as of January, has been nominated for the Roberta Jarlette Making a Difference Award,” said Gloria Hall, activities coordinator at the Manitoulin Lodge. “This honour celebrates the exceptional dedication of employees in the departments of nursing, wellness, recreation, dietary, housekeeping or laundry.”

“Shelley started at the Lodge in kitchen-dietary and now works in the housekeeping aide-nutra department,” said Ms. Hall. “Those nominated for the award are dedicated staff members that go above and beyond to make sure residents needs are met, and with their efforts help to make the day go better for residents.”

The criteria used to determine the nominees include, “how the employees are champions of seniors services; how they inspire and keep positive relationships with fellow staff members and how their passion for making connections with the residents has benefited the homes in which they work. The nominees wholly demonstrate the Jarlette Health Services Values: everything we do is with commitment and passion; we treat people with respect; we are proactively accountable and responsible; we strive to do the right thing. And our core purpose is to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others.”

Every nursing home within Jarlette Health Services had one employee nominated for the award, a total of 20 throughout the province.

Jarlette Health Services held its 10th annual Making a Difference Awards ceremonies in September.

Caroline More had won the Manitoulin Lodge Making a Difference Award earlier this year, and has now been recognized by Jarlette Health Services for the same award. Twenty recipients were honoured this year across the province.

These celebrations provide an excellent opportunity to share the lifetime accomplishments and contributions of each person living in Jarlette homes and lodges. Recipients were also presented with a certificate and pin to commemorate their achievements along with a choice of a donation made in their name to a charity of their choice, or a cheque donated to their home or lodge.

“Caroline More was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Sudbury, Ontario on September 13, 1943 to Joe and Anne More. At birth, Carol weighed a mere one pound and miraculously survived, being the third eldest of six siblings: Maryanne, Thomas, Caroline, Joseph, Theresa and Charles. Even at a young age, Caroline was always curious and loved to learn songs, games and activities. Her love for music led her to the “hip-hopper” she is today,” Ms. Hall wrote in the award nomination form for Ms. More.

Caroline More, right, a resident of the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay, was presented with a Jarlette Health Services Making a Difference Award.

“Caroline grew up in the West end area of Sudbury, where she attended St. Albert’s School and St. Clement’s Catholic Church. As a child and into her adulthood, she sang in the church choir and after the closing of St. Clement’s parish, was active in the choir at Our Lady of Hope Church in Sudbury.

“The family owned a confectionary store in the West End, More’s Confectionary, where Caroline helped in the store, serving customers and stocking shelves with her other siblings. As a teenager, she and her sister Theresa joined the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade. As cadets, they volunteered their time at the Sudbury General Hospital, delivering treats and books to patients throughout the hospital, as well as learning first-aid skills. She was very well-known in the West End and attended every function, be it church or community and particularly functions at the Caruso Club and Sudbury Arena  lending a helping hand.”

“Over the years, Caroline has been constant companion to her older sister, Maryanne. Together, they were participants at many events as well as helping each other in their time of need.”

“Caroline’s life changed the day she admitted to the Lodge,” wrote Ms. Hall. “She feels she has a purpose here and takes her jobs seriously. She loves the people, the staff, the activities and she loves her home- and they love her.”

“Caroline is the queen of the dining room, making sure everything is on the table ready for a pleasant, fine dining experience,” continued Ms. Hall. “Aprons are out and waiting for whoever wishes one. Caroline checks on programs. She puts up the plans for the day, reminds others of activities and ensure things happen on time.”

“She loves to assist with the music programs providing actions to songs as well as singing along and dancing. She has done amazing for starting out as the weight of a pound of butter. Small in stature, but large in heart, Carol can be counted on helping where she can. She is worth her weight in gold and more,” wrote Ms. Hall. “It is no surprise to Carol’s family that she is the recipient of this award. Carol, congratulations. We are all very proud and thankful for you. You truly do make an outstanding difference in the lives of many.”