Canada was once a country of tolerance and acceptance

We cannot allow the Harper regime to further degrade our beloved country

To the Expositor:

Canada was once a country where acceptance and tolerance were virtually universal values, except for some lunatic fringe elements. Today we see a government dedicated to promoting divisiveness, mistrust, fear, and irrational prejudice. We see a government where our ruler has opined that face coverings are inappropriate at citizenship ceremonies, and is backing up his personal beliefs by dedicating the full force of his regime’s legal power to preventing one woman from becoming a Canadian citizen and voting. I thought that personal preference in clothing, whether directed by a fashion sense or religious inclination, was a Canadian value, and that the whole point of becoming a Canadian citizen was to embrace Canadian values.

The would-be despot in Ottawa, who cares nothing for Canadian values and even less for the rights and freedoms of its citizens to choose, has, for most Canadians, left our great land politically, socially and economically impoverished, and his solution to everything is, “Stay the course.” We cannot allow the Harper Regime to further degrade our beloved country. Vote for Canadian values on October 19.

Yours truly,

Barry Epstein