M’Chigeeng lawyer urges a vote for the Liberals

First Nations know balanced budgets mean more cutbacks for us

To the Expositor:

“Indigenous Peoples make up the fastest-growing segment of the Canadian population, and we know that strengthening economic outcomes and opportunities for First Nations is critical to our shared economic future. Canada only succeeds when we all succeed together, and it is vital to the future of our economy that we improve economic outcomes for First Nations.”

The above statement is made by Justin Trudeau on behalf of the Liberal Party.

I have read the platforms of all of the federal parties up for election and tried to separate patronizing statements from real action, as regards First Nations people.  While both the Liberals and NDP have always said nice things about First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples, the Liberals have had more of a chance to prove their statements while in power. I recognize that there have been “ups and downs” with respect to a Liberal government doing what we want them to do. However, the Liberal Party values and their policy resolutions from mainstream Liberal members have unflinchingly been supportive of us over decades. Unfortunately, the NDP have not ever had the federal power to show us what they could do, and I don’t think now is the time to roll the dice. And Mr. Mulcair scares me when he says he will “balance the Budget”–First Nations know that means further cutbacks for us. I just don’t think Mr. Mulcair has the governing savvy to be able to make things happen for First Nations people.

On the other hand, the Liberals have the governing savvy to know how to implement their platform on First Nations issues.

The last Liberal government laid the groundwork with their tremendous work on the Kelowna Accord, with an all-encompassing plan which was First Nation-partnered. And education for our young population is so important, because it is our young people who will help to fashion self determination for our Nations in the strongest way.

Justin Trudeau visited the Indian Friendship Centre in Sudbury several years ago—alone and minus any media–and he spent a whole day speaking to everyone and learning and showing us who he is.

So, now when he says he will establish an inquiry into the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, I think he will. And when he says he will repeal Bill C-51, the Bill which would lump aboriginal protesters with the terrorists as visioned by Harper, I think he will.

We can make real the wampum belt message of First Nations and other Canadians travelling together in the same direction to a positive future for both.

So, join me, go and and vote–Liberal.

Susan Hare