Chi-Cheemaun sees encouraging increase in summer traffic

OWEN SOUND—Traffic on the Chi-Cheemaun ferry service between Tobermory and South Baymouth has seen a significant increase in the past few weeks and overall this year, in comparison to the 2016 sailing season.

“As far as the numbers to the end of Thursday (September 14) night, we have carried a total of 69,314 vehicles this season, which is an increase of 1.15 percent increase over last year at the same time,” said Susan Schrempf of the Owen Sound Transportation Company (OSTC) on Friday of last week.

The news is also good in looking at the number of passengers the ferry has served so far this season, as well. Ms. Schrempf explained, “the ferry has carried a total of 180,813 passengers so far this year, a .87 percent-just under one percent increase over last year at the same time.”

Ms. Schrempf pointed out the numbers were not as good at the end of July this year.” We were down 1.3 percent in vehicle traffic and 2.75 percent in passenger numbers. But since then we have picked up all that traffic and more.”

“August was a fantastic month for the ferry in terms of traffic,” added Ms. Schrempf.