Not everyone hates deer being in the downtown core

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the article on the front page of the September 8, 2017 edition of the Recorder of Joyce Foster’s crusade to eradicate the deer in the town of Gore Bay and felt that I must certainly reply to this matter. It must be remembered that not all people hate the deer as some of the mentioned people in this article do. As a matter of fact, in talking with a number of the residents of Gore Bay Ms. Joyce might be in the minority here.

Be that as it may, if some of these people feel that they are determined to chase or kill all those pesky deer out of the town, they had best be prepared for a challenge. As an example, in Gordon Township, which surrounds Gore Bay on all sides except the North Channel, the land is loaded with the beautiful red deer so this group of do-gooders better be prepared to take whatever weapons they have and head for the lands far beyond Gore Bay because these deer no doubt travel in, around and through Gore Bay as well as those that are now seen in the town. It is not just the deer in Gore Bay, but rather all the deer around the town as well, and not everybody has a dislike for them.

As is said, not all people hate the deer in Gore Bay as might be indicated by some in this story.

Thank you,

George Bowerman
Gore Bay