Community Safety Notification, High-Risk Offender Release, Richard Brian PANAMICK, 59 years

On August 01st, 2022, Richard Brian PANAMICK’s Long Term Supervision Order (LTSO) will expire. Mr. Panamick has advised that he will be returning to M’Chigeeng First Nation on August 01st, 2022, to reside. There is a high risk and fear of reoffending a sexual offence to a person under 16 years of age, and therefore the Crown Attorney and Police have initiated a S.810.1 Criminal Code application which would bound Mr. Panamick by further enforceable conditions for another, yet to be determined, amount of time.

In April 2003, Mr. Panamick was arrested for Sexual Assault Cause Bodily Harm, Forcible Confinement, Uttering Threats, Overcome Resistance by Attempting to Choke, Suffocate or Strangle Another Person, Assault and Fail to Comply with Probation order. These crimes involved victims that were under the age of 18 years old. In 2006, Mr. Panamick was convicted and sentenced to four years in custody. In 2010 he was released on a Long Term Supervision Order (LTSO), which would have expired in 2020, however due to breaching his LTSO and further times of incarceration his LTSO was extended and is now expiring on August 01st, 2022.

The UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service is notifying the past victims of these crimes and the public of his release due to his high-risk potential as it relates to sexually offending therefore a surety to keep the peace with provisions pursuant to S.810.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada merit consideration. The UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service will be actively monitoring Mr. Panamick to ensure compliance with his conditions. UCCM Anishnaabe is aware of his intended residence location in M’Chigeeng First Nation and are in contact with him directly and will continue to be in contact.

The S. 810.1 application hearing will take place on Thursday, August 18th, 2022. Until the S. 810.1 CC hearing takes place, Mr. Panamick has been released on a Form 11 release order with numerous conditions including:

➢ Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

➢ Reporting weekly to UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service which will include reporting any changes in address, phone number, employment status, travel plans, intimate relationships.

➢ Abstain from the purchase, possession, consumption of alcohol and non-prescription drugs.

➢ Not be in possession of any weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives as described by the Criminal Code.

➢ Have no contact, directly or indirectly by any physical, electronic or other means with any of your prior victims, or their families, and not attend within 100 metres of their residence, educational institution, place of employment, or any other place they are known to be.

➢ You are to have no contact directly or indirectly with any person under sixteen (16) years of age, unless in the company of another adult who is approved of by Detectives with the UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service – Crime Unit.

➢ You are not to attend any day-care centre, school ground, playground, arcade, public swimming area, or public park where persons who are under the age of sixteen (16) are present or likely to be present.

➢ Carry on your person at all times when outside your place of residence a copy of these conditions and produce them upon demand of a peace officer.

Anyone with information regarding Richard Panamick is asked to contact UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service immediately at 705-377-7135, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 705-222- TIPS (8477)/1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or submit an online tip at