Conservative non-attendance at all candidates’ debates witnessed across the province

One thing Conservative candidates have in common is this is their first effort

To the Expositor:

The debate on the Island, one of three in total (across the riding) unfolded last night (Thursday, October 1). My view? There was one candidate, Andre Robichaud, the Conservative Party candidate, who was extremely loud! How was he extremely loud, you ask? His actions of “not being there” spoke volumes as did the empty desk alongside of the the other candidates interested in hearing the view of our community. This translates into three out of six debates he has not attended, according to Ms. Carol Hughes, NDP candidate. He attended none of them on the Manitoulin Island. The only item at the Conservative desk on the stage, alongside of the other candidates who were there, were two bottles of water. Now we know how our First Nations feel when they are not heard and snubbed, we were not either.

This individual is currently the government in power. I really hope even if you still are a Conservative supporter, we all need to vote. Vote your heart, but I urge you to vote.

I am unsure of this is the doing of the prime minister personally but personal friends of mine in southern Ontario witnessed non-attendance of the local Conservative candidate. One thing I was hearing they had in common was this was their first effort to run in the election.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth